Jacob Bearer

Jacob Bearer Poems

1. Mmpi Psychological Evaluation 7/9/2012
2. Thanksgiving 7/9/2012
3. Twenty-One Years Old 7/9/2012
4. Margret's Prayer 7/9/2012
5. Chaste Houses 7/9/2012
6. Dear Drs. Fisher & Buigues 7/9/2012
7. Evolution Ultra Lounge 7/9/2012
8. Margret's Smile 7/9/2012
9. Holiest Of Shotgun Weddings 7/9/2012
10. Epiphany 7/9/2012
11. In B.V.I. Time 7/9/2012
12. Island Spirits 7/9/2012
13. Eucharistic Adoration 7/9/2012
14. Milk Of Salvation 7/9/2012
15. Night's Negligee 7/9/2012
16. The Dust Of Winter 7/9/2012
17. The Existentialist Club 7/9/2012
18. While Cleaning My Room To Leave For Philly 7/11/2012
19. St. Bartholomew 8/3/2012
20. Wordless Nights 7/9/2012
21. Discipleship 7/9/2012
22. Untitled No.1 7/3/2012
23. Green Pimpled Spring 7/9/2012
24. Unanswered 7/9/2012
25. Autumn Litany 7/9/2012
Best Poem of Jacob Bearer

Autumn Litany

It was Autumn, and the clouds unfolded like a blanket
filling night under its cover,
and the white worn pages of my prayers, dimmed.

The fiery canopy overhead, dulled to grey tones.
And I saw the night roll over the whole world
snuffing out the celestial guides.

I prayed. Even in the dark, I walked and prayed
to the angels and royal heroes and heroines of heaven,
asked that they be burning stars in this black Autumn sky.

I begged that heavenly armies would lift the scourge of Mammon,
who works in cover of darkness,
I asked them to set the world ...

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Margret's Prayer

Widow Margret told her beads
on her husband's creaky porch
over 5 O'clock Coffee each morning.

That black and white photograph
of her and her husband, peered
at her from the lamp stand.

The Welcome mat outside, unworn

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