Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah

Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah Poems

1. Bedtime Story 12/5/2013
2. When The Sun Turns Red 12/5/2013
3. Two Haiku: For The North Africa 12/5/2013
4. Moonwater 12/5/2013
5. Triangle 12/5/2013
6. Serving As A Bridegroom 12/5/2013
7. In Paris 12/5/2013
8. Mould 12/5/2013
9. Survived 12/5/2013
10. Footing 12/5/2013
11. Hourglass 12/5/2013
12. Parmigianino 12/5/2013
13. Performer 12/5/2013
14. Johannesburg 12/5/2013
15. Waiting To Celebrate 12/5/2013
16. From The Cold To The Warmth 12/5/2013
17. The Fern 12/5/2013
18. Black Testament 12/5/2013
19. Letter To Dr Mk Lee 12/5/2013
20. X (One) 12/5/2013
21. Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) 12/5/2013
22. Arabian Horse 12/5/2013
23. Judea 12/5/2013
24. Congo 12/5/2013
25. Improvement 12/5/2013
26. A Kiss 12/5/2013
27. Mozambique 12/5/2013

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You were not here but you heard it,
You heard the water, boiling over the hilltops,
Roaring in your ears, far deep in sleep,
Because, the windows of this house were opened.
But, it is still raining here than before;
And if I look, through this open window,
Through the rain, I can see how River Limpopo
Is growing larger and fatter, and what I see again
Is more than those established roots of the past
And individuals who are living
In their own time in the waters,
The waters are streaming
From another form of the mangroves,
Growing in the white clay,...

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You built a city
as large as Sao Paulo
in your stomach;

you invested growers
in the coffer industries,
labourers stepped behind.

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