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My real name is Jacob Carbajal. At the time of this biography I was 00 years old. At that age i liked to play soccer, hang with my friends (of course) , get new video games, make fun of people who hate sarcasum.
My dream is to get a book published when im in my twenties. In my thirties get married and have three kids, Live in a big house in my home town in Hollister California.
i think i have many problems but im used to 'em. when i get teased i thnk stick and stones.
and when i can get friends to read this im so happy! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Jacob monkey's Works:

my poem e book

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Hard Stuff To Deal With

Death is hard to deal with
Death can come so sudden
It can come in your sleep
or in your wake
Bad grades come with easy
Bad grades can come surprisingly
Losing a love can be hard
I should no the best i lost my 'best friends'
Losing a friend to war is worse
Im weird

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