Jacquelyn Babydawll.

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I am Jacquelyn. I am amazing. Haha! I love Twilight.
Absolutely LOVE it.. I'm talking overly obsessed.
I really enjoy writing poetry, it's a way of getting things I can't say out. <3

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You ruined everything you had,
Which wasn't really much, was it?
We fell for it, blinded by what we wanted, not what was real.
We see through you now.
For god's sake it's like your bathing in Windex.
It's not fair what you did to us,
Made us feel sorry when what was really bad was what you did to us, not what the world did to you.
It's too bad things had to be like this, but I guess it's better we learn that your no good now, right?
I can't say that we didn't get hurt because, oh god

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