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Jacquelyn Burge Poems

1. Shadows 11/15/2012
2. The Truth 11/26/2012
3. My Angel 11/26/2012
4. Who Am I? 11/27/2012
5. Shot 11/30/2012
6. Memories 1/5/2013
7. Surrender 4/10/2013
8. Undoing 10/17/2013
9. Roses 2/18/2017
10. Dark Angel 2/18/2017
11. Dancing 2/18/2017
12. Ashes Of The Lost 2/18/2017
13. Midnight 2/18/2017
14. Fear 2/18/2017
15. Love And Hate 2/18/2017
16. Time In Madness 2/18/2017
17. Vengence 2/18/2017
18. Timing Keeping Of A Madman 2/18/2017
19. Yours To Keep 2/18/2017
20. Time 2/18/2017
21. Tick Tock 2/18/2017
22. New Story 2/18/2017
23. For Standing Rock 2/18/2017
24. Advice Of A Babysitter 2/28/2018

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The Truth

The truth is what we don't see
It is the innocent glace across the room
full of admiration, love and pain
So many secrets hidden in one glance
We cover the truth with lies of approval,
so that no one judges us,
so we fit in,
but really, People will always judge us,
we will never fit in,
We dont need their approval,
All we need in love, happiness and peace in our souls
But the truth will never be known
Because were too busy seeking the approval
of those who will never approve.

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Who Am I?

If I am not stronge,
then what am I?
If I am not jealous,
then what am I?
If I am not protective,
then what am I?
If I am not emotional,
then what am I?

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