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I try to refrain from idealizing life. I treasure all things impefect (thrive in it, really) and abhor anything that's too predictable. I am curt, brash, and just about everything I say I mean. I'm the first to laugh at myself. I am grossly loyal to those I love, sometimes to a fault. I've never done anything that I regret-a rotten childhood followed by a series of crippling events leading up to and continuing into adulthood has given me a thrist for life. I live to see more, to taste more, to do more...

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The Prophet

You were Mr. How-Do-You-Do
And Mr. Holier-Than-Thou
All and none of these personalities conjunct
You worked inevitably, beautifully against me
Methodically, systematically
Dismantling my reality
Gifting me delusion and bitterness
Consuming what little dignity I had left
And Holding the dinner bell over my head