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Jacqui Broad Poems

1. Haiku: Teardrops 10/6/2011
2. Haiku: Actions 10/7/2011
3. On Your Return 10/7/2011
4. Time Traveller 10/8/2011
5. Haiku: Mysteria 10/8/2011
6. Mirror 10/10/2011
7. Haiku: Deceit 10/11/2011
8. Long-Term 10/11/2011
9. Hang-Over 10/13/2011
10. Constellation 11/2/2011
11. Rubel 6/30/2016
12. Charlie 6/30/2016
13. No Shoes Required 10/7/2011
14. Haiku: Happiness 10/6/2011
15. Hannah's Prayer 10/14/2011
16. Tree - House 10/15/2011
17. Never Think 10/13/2011
18. Haiku: Songbird 10/13/2011
19. Face Value 10/14/2011
20. Seemingly Impossible 10/11/2011
21. Questions & Answers 10/12/2011
22. An Act 10/7/2011
23. Cosmogony 10/25/2011
24. If 10/17/2011
25. Where It Begins 10/17/2011
26. Taste 10/18/2011
27. Let's Dance 10/19/2011
28. Waltzing Thoughts 10/9/2011
29. Eve 10/9/2011
30. Dear Friend 10/10/2011
31. Make-Up 10/13/2011
32. Love Triangle 10/8/2011
33. You Are... 10/8/2011
34. Ants 10/6/2011
35. Stormy Night 10/19/2011
36. Haiku: Carpentry 10/19/2011
37. Unaccomplished 10/16/2011
38. Heart 10/18/2011
39. Song Of Love 10/28/2011
40. Don'T Want To Know 11/3/2011

Comments about Jacqui Broad

  • Harindhar Reddy (12/11/2011 6:10:00 AM)

    She is poetic STALWART who bowled me with love-swing with her poems like All I Want, To All My Friends, The Music Blowing In The Wind - a goddess of poetry who can write even on ant....

    I am sending 28 pure snow colored African doves express my love in all the ways 180 and always 24/7 on this special occasion of your Birthday! Just smile back at my lovely doves. Ha! Ha! Ha! :) :) :) :)

    Hello, Harry and Larry! Tom and Jerry read the poems of Jacqui. Two hands went up - one to appreciate the romantic beauty of her poems and another to pat the poet on her shoulder. If I gotta rate her poetry. Perfect 10+++++ + with many smiles :) :) :)

    I am enchanted and fascinated bye her poem 'Cat in the Tree' is one the favorite poems of mine or ever. In all her writings a special trade mark of hope, compassion and philanthropic ideas dance spreading special message.....

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  • Siyabonga A Nxumalo (12/7/2011 6:40:00 AM)

    She is a great friend.she writes brilliant poetry.you can tell what ever she writes is from the heart...She is one of my favourate poets....

  • Kara Towe (12/6/2011 10:31:00 AM)

    I could hear the wind chimes, the rain drops, understand the love you have for a special someone. Great read! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Kara Towe (12/6/2011 10:24:00 AM)

    Really meaningful. I know what you mean in this piece, loneliness, the longing for someone who's gone, love songs get to me too. Thank you so much for sharing :)

  • Crimson Love (11/13/2011 12:40:00 AM)

    There are not enough words in the dictionary, nor in my mind, to describe the beautiful perfection, that is Jacqui. Her poems inject every reader with her passions. Every magnificent poem, is truly among the finest art. I will say Miss Jacqui is by far one of my favorite poets. Truly amazing work. Her poems reflect the very essence of her beautiful soul. :) <3 CL

  • Odejayi Sodiq Adewale Odejayi Sodiq Adewale (10/12/2011 6:13:00 AM)

    nice one.........and i guess the answers are blowing in the wind.......... Smyle Wale

  • Stefanie Fontker (10/10/2011 11:52:00 AM)

    The first time I experienced continual brain stimulation, was when reading Madame Jacqui Broad's poetry. She feeds the brains and hearts of many, and her reign will be a long one. I give her my full and complete attention! To stop writing would be to condemn the world.

Best Poem of Jacqui Broad

To All My Friends

Never did I want to share my poetry.
To bare my soul and show pieces of me.
But I thought what's the use of writing then?
And so I've come to learn many a friend.
First there was Stephanie, young but so wise.
And Crimson Love, who's name I know, and she's so nice.
Dave, with his short comments, but still is great.
Sir Eric, who is a great poet, if I must rate.
Anele, the African son, whom comes from my land.
Siyabonga, as well, so their poetry I understand.
Asif, who always cordially invites me to read his poems.
Ahmed, too, who teaches me a lot I didn't ...

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I want to share a joke,
but your face is a frown.
Curiously, I continue to poke,
turning myself into a clown.
You watch with impenetrable eyes
how I suffer in my struggle
to hear your laughing cries -
I'm learning the art to juggle,
instead of playing on the playground

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