Jacson Gelato

Jacson Gelato Poems

1. You And Me 8/1/2015
2. Divine Grace 8/2/2015
3. Roulette Of Love And Luck 8/9/2015
4. A Lover's Cry 8/11/2015
5. I Would Never Flee 11/22/2015
6. Happy New Year To Rose Mary 12/31/2015
7. My Purse Is Hers 1/29/2016
8. An Empty Valentine Heart 2/13/2016
9. Be Grateful To Others 2/25/2016
10. The Resurrection Of Christ - Easter Sunday Poem 3/26/2016
11. Easter Sunday - The Resurrection Of Christ 3/26/2016
12. Live Life - Tribute To World Health Day. 4/6/2016
13. Race For Life 8/22/2016
14. Mindset 9/11/2015
15. Saint Madre Teresa 9/7/2016
16. He Died 9/11/2016
17. The Smoking Game 2/24/2017
18. Terror On The Streets 4/9/2017
19. Love's Variance 5/8/2017
20. Our Lady Of Fatima Hail! (Nossa Senhora De Fátima Salve!) 5/13/2017
21. The Spring (La Primavera) 5/22/2017
22. Ariana - Dangerous Woman! 5/28/2017
23. Tony Walsh - This Is For You! 5/31/2017
24. Dangerous Woman - Are You Still Coming To Manchester To Sing Again? 6/1/2017
25. Mulher Perigosa - Você Ainda Está Chegando A Manchester Para Cantar Novamente? 6/1/2017
26. Sins Of Intimacy 6/5/2017
27. Papa Francisco - Your Presence Necessary At The 2nd Apparition Centennial Of Our Lady Of Fatima, Portugal 6/12/2017
28. Portugal Forest Fire - Pray For Portugal. 6/19/2017
29. Primeiros Ministros (Prime Ministers) 6/25/2017
30. Pedrógão - A Painful Fate! 6/25/2017
31. Chinese Shops In Portugal 6/26/2017
32. Dreams Never Change -new- 8/5/2017
33. God Is One, Mother Is One! 9/22/2016
34. Syria For You - Mothers Of Syria 9/24/2016
35. Absence From Home (For My Father) 9/24/2016
36. Go Hillary, Go! 9/26/2016
37. The Trophy Of Death 10/1/2016
38. Portugal Viva, Now And Forever! (5th October 2016) 10/4/2016
39. Young Mothers (Teenagers) 10/11/2016
40. The Illusionist (Poet) 10/18/2016
Best Poem of Jacson Gelato

The Refugees

Have you tried to find clothes for others
than for your own self?
Have you tried to give food to others
than to feed your own self?
Have you tried to bring a homeless
than to sleep alone in your house?
Have you tried to ask your own mind
than to doubt others generosity?
Have you tried to let others exist
than to let your own self seek protection?
Have you tried to ever be a refugee
than to watch another be on the road with despair?
Have you ever tried to be human
than to observe the helplessness of others?

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A Lover's Cry

I am going.....
I have many few days before I go,
I have seen your love
I do not want to carry it with me
not even the remnants of your memory.
In that next life
who knows what are the terms
what are the rules;
who knows if happiness exists

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