1. Religion 11/28/2009
2. Even Though I Have Lost My Innocence 11/28/2009
3. I Am Awake 11/28/2009
4. Dumbfounded 11/28/2009
5. Bad Habit 11/28/2009
6. You Are 11/29/2009
7. My All 11/29/2009
8. The Ice Maiden 11/29/2009
9. Bad Habit 2 11/29/2009
10. The Broken Prmoise 11/29/2009
11. The Word 11/29/2009
12. Lotus Touch 11/29/2009
13. The Game Of Love 11/29/2009
14. Cliff And Man 12/1/2009
15. The Affair 12/1/2009
16. Untitled 12/1/2009
17. In The Depths Of Solitude 12/1/2009
18. I Rise 12/1/2009
19. Out Of The Night 12/1/2009
20. Choose Your Lover 12/1/2009
21. Pain 12/1/2009
22. See Life Through My Eyes 11/28/2009
23. The World 11/28/2009
24. Wisdom 11/28/2009
25. The Passion 12/1/2009
26. Belief 12/1/2009
27. Bored 12/1/2009
28. The Solemn Oath 12/10/2009
29. Love Conquers 12/1/2009
30. The Ugly Butterfly 11/28/2009
31. You Are My Diamond 12/1/2009
32. Friendship 11/29/2009
33. And Tomorrow 12/1/2009
34. A Poet's Life 11/28/2009

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Best Poem of JADE KAUR

A Poet's Life

A Poet's life is:
A whole day of inspiration,
Coupled with a lot of observation,
A poet is not right,
And not wrong,
They have foresight and don't prolong,
A poet is neutral at all times,
They are the past, present and future,
Possess knowledge of culture,
And in a way is a teacher,
So there you have it,
All summed up as one,
A Poet's Life. My work here is done!

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The World

What's going on in this world?
Everyone close to me is in an emotional whirl,
Going through a physical turmoil,
I care about them a lot; my enemies are out to plot,
I don't want to lose them; no longer can I fear them,
I have God in my heart and soul; those without God in their hearts are cold,
I am one His children; those against God and I, I shall slew them,
Those who want to find light at the end of the tunnel God will guide them,
And those who are in total darkness with evil

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