Jade Leven

Rookie (March 19,1994 / California)

Jade Leven Poems

81. January 10, 2008 1/10/2008
82. I Knew Your Name 1/21/2008
83. Something More (A Song) 1/26/2008
84. Ridiculous 1/26/2008
85. Never Turn Twenty-Three 1/26/2008
86. I Dare You 1/31/2008
87. Brought Back (A Song) 2/26/2008
88. Always How It Goes (A Song) 2/26/2008
89. Am I More (A Song) 2/26/2008
90. Song For Roxalie And Seth (Running) 2/27/2008
91. For Taylor 3/12/2008
92. My White Dove (A Song) 3/16/2008
93. Contradiction 3/16/2008
94. I Don'T Even Know (Song For Seth) 3/16/2008
95. Kiss & Tell 4/22/2008
96. Hear Love 7/4/2008
97. Cold Fire (A Song) 7/4/2008
98. Shallow Water (A Song) 7/4/2008
99. Where I Went Wrong (A Song) 7/4/2008
100. A Little Thing Called Trust (A Song) 8/19/2008
101. So Close (A Song) 8/21/2008
102. Possible Future (A Song) 9/14/2008
103. She's Waiting At The Subway Station 2/8/2008
104. He Says 2/8/2008
105. Talk To Me, America 7/20/2007
106. Love's Tides 7/28/2007
107. Shock (The End Of The World) 8/7/2007
108. Someone Who Is Everything 8/27/2007
109. September Rain (A Song) 9/23/2007
110. Someone, Somewhere, Somehow, Someday 9/29/2007
111. An Unfamilliar Place And Time 10/26/2007
112. Time To Break (A Song) 11/6/2007
113. On The Traitors' Side 7/20/2007
114. Open Hearted, Broken Hearted 6/12/2007
115. The Lie (A Song) 12/14/2008
116. Southern California Love Story 2/26/2008
117. Your Forbidden Love 1/31/2008
118. Like The Back Of Your Hand 2/1/2008
119. Objects 10/1/2007
120. Confidence 7/17/2007
Best Poem of Jade Leven

White Funeral

sitting alone with nowhere to go
ignoring the static from the radio
that interrupts my favorite song
haven’t loved it in so long

some say love is a foolish thing
and although not in all cases
i can’t help but agree
with the smarter majority

so many weddings
just white funerals
a hand to hold
for the rest of her life
open to the bliss
and the carelessness
be careful, more careful
does it still feel right

i’ll apologize in all the places
where i frowned at all the smiling faces
i just wonder if that will be me
with a wedding ...

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Nothing More Beautiful

This is dedicated in loving memory of Taylor Hyer, who sadly passed away as an eighth grader. We all miss him. It was read by the principal to students, parents, and teachers on April 6,2007 at a tree planting in his memory. I am very honored to have Taylor's friends and family hear it.

There is nothing more beautiful than a good deed
a person who can stand up and take the lead
someone who knows each day is a gift
someone who's not afraid to make a wish

there is nothing more beautiful t

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