Jade's Pain

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Biography of Jade's Pain

Name: Jade
Sexuality: Bisexual
Grade: 9th(almost 10th)
Hair color: Blonde and Brown
Eye color: Hazel
Height: 5-4
Weight: 115
DOB: September 7,1993
Ok so if you wanna know more about me then
read on...
Yes I'm bisexual and
if anyone has a problem with it then please exit my
page cuz I have love for both sexes
(not just boys and not just girls but BOTH)
i love writing poems because i build up
all my thoughts and let them spill on to
an empty piece of paper! ! ! ! It overwhelms
me how many things I can come up with
but I always seem to amaze myself! ! ! !
Welp that's my boring life... if u care to know more then message me! ! !
Toodles! ! !

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The Pathetic Poem! ! !

I'm stuck in this world all alone and in shame...
I'm miserable now because I got left for someone
who doesn't truely care.
This person doesn't love you because there just
some cheap excuse for life.....
But I love you...and you chose her! ! ! !
Now I'm stuck here without a care in the world....
I always thought that I was the one....
But as you can tell I'm stuck here typing this pathetic poem! ! ! !

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