Rookie (2-19 / HEAVYN aka Inner-city)

Biography of JAE CENTORINO

Just lil ole me writing under a tree. Looking up at the clouds that make me feel free. I give a crooked smile all the while looking over at my kids and I give a wink. Reassuring them I'm their protector. I come from a place where I have to lock my doors watch our backs and pray for no more. The kids are killing eachother in my streets, the parents don't know any better because their behind bars. The grand-parents are left to raise their second blood-line. I try my best to look away but how can you when it's happening every-day?

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Life's Lessons

Life’s lessons are hard to endure
Lessons learned;
Help you reach for much more

Lessons learned go on and on
they take us on a hellish ride.
The hurt goes far beyond
the emptiness and sadness in my eyes.

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