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1. A Young Old Man 1/5/2015
2. Love Portion 1/12/2015
3. Teach Me 2/16/2015
4. Tears Of A Guard 4/13/2015
5. Walking With Fear 4/16/2015
6. You Kept Me Waiting 4/25/2015
7. Nelson Mandela 4/28/2015
8. No Topic 5/14/2015
9. Love Torture 5/30/2015
10. Farewell My Daughter 6/26/2015
11. It Feels Like Yesterday 7/28/2015
12. The Midst Of Writting And Speaking 11/14/2016
13. I Was Left A Cripple Man 4/10/2017
14. Young Person, Where Thy Habitation Is? 7/3/2017
15. John Barleycorn 1/9/2015
16. I Am A Salesperson 1/21/2015
17. Through The Way 1/7/2015
18. That Night 12/17/2014
19. Valley Of Darkness 12/19/2014
20. Unemployment 1/2/2015
21. The Savannah Tree 1/16/2015

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The Savannah Tree

How long have you been there?
How many generations have you perceived and
how many lives have you come across?
Hope you have also realized how wicked this world is.

Our leaders are not driving us to the promised land, instead they are leading us to the world of their own fulfilments
The world of hatred and sorrow

please tell me if you know something
tell us what to do cause we have failed on our own

I think if you could speak you were going to lead the world with good manners
great wisdom was going to be taken from you, for you have seen all the things ...

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That Night

Always knew that I am a conqueror
I just never thought I could conquer many things as I did tonight
I was everybody's hero
children were shocked while adults were occupied by anger and hostility
Nevertheless, as for me, it was the best night ever
A night of fulfillments and honor

That night I took all of my belongings and used them wisely
I did not mind spending and loosing

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