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161. Words 11/27/2008
162. Theme 11/27/2008
163. Time, Again 11/27/2008
164. Clay-Pot 11/27/2008
165. My Little Pal On The Icq 12/5/2008
166. Trains 12/21/2008
167. Bear 12/21/2008
168. Prayer 4/17/2009
169. Poetry Daily 4/17/2009
170. Our Time Is Leaking 8/19/2010
171. Desires 8/19/2010
172. His Gods, My Gods 8/19/2010
173. The Pastor And His Niece 8/19/2010
174. Our Temple Priest 8/19/2010
175. The Afternoon Sounds 8/19/2010
176. On Completion Of The Construction Of The House 8/19/2010
177. Memories Of The City Of Porbandar 8/19/2010
178. A Doctor's Marriage 8/19/2010
179. The Last Lecture 8/19/2010
180. On My Mother's Death 8/19/2010
181. Thoughts At The Srirangam Temple 8/19/2010
182. At The Memorial Forest For The Departed 8/19/2010
183. You, I And He 8/19/2010
184. The Laughing Club 8/19/2010
185. A Warehouse Prince Broke Her Horn 8/19/2010
186. The Poet Stands Upright In His Pants 8/19/2010
187. Waiting For The Boat 8/19/2010
188. What The Old Trees Do Not Realize 8/19/2010
189. Flickr. Dreams 8/19/2010
190. Death Of My Driver's Father 8/19/2010
191. At The Death Ceremony Of A Relative In Eluru 8/19/2010
192. On A Rainy Night In Hyderabad 8/19/2010
193. Waiting For A Flight At Mumbai Airport 8/20/2010
194. River Noise And River Silence 8/20/2010
195. The Peak In Hong Kong 8/20/2010
196. Sitting In A Car On A Rainy Evening In Bhopal 8/20/2010
197. Remembering A Schizophrenic Boss 8/20/2010
198. At The Balaji Temple, Bhopal 8/20/2010
199. Celebrating God's Birthday 8/20/2010
200. Hair Cut On A Good Friday 8/20/2010

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A Blade Of Grass

I cannot focus awareness on the winding road
The distant hill is covered in a blue haze
There is all-around oblivion felt in my unbeing
Only the other day I was a blade of grass
Today I cannot wave in the mountain breeze
Uprooted from my mother I do not know my being
Just like that hill covered in a haze of forgetfulness.

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I know you have said that enough
In the day’s heat and moon’s eclipse
In the horizon I looked far enough
And deep in the tree’s silences
The leaves rustled in the night.
What can you do again and now
Unless art has not left here as yet
And senses still matter to the mind.
In the hollow of my downy back

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