Jaide Iris Lanzing

Biography of Jaide Iris Lanzing

I write poetry as well as lyrics,
I am into all aspects of the arts
I am an animal lover, a pacifist.
Most of my work has already been copyrighted
and some of my songs (which have not been posted)
have the music composed along with them.

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I reach for the beams of hopes & dreams. But the moon's high over my head. I can never reach that far.
It's hopeless.
My dreams flee and I chase them, yet they flutter like silken moths, out too far. Without hope, I fall through the darkness forever.
There is no more hope.
I cannot see the moonlight. And the darkness takes over.
I am lost, never to return.All that is left is a single fallen star.Waiting for another, to fill the hopes and dreams.
To restore the

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