Jaide Iris Lanzing

Biography of Jaide Iris Lanzing

I write poetry as well as lyrics,
I am into all aspects of the arts
I am an animal lover, a pacifist.
Most of my work has already been copyrighted
and some of my songs (which have not been posted)
have the music composed along with them.

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Xsilent Criesx

Silent cries and dark tears fall, motional years cease
seems so long ago
bleeding hearts spring forth from the wells of despair,
while petals fall from the dying black rose, once vibrant and beautiful to behold.
Darkness and the blanket of night comes to smother the smiling sun, the weeping moon softly reaches out, for no stars shine tonight.
the cold wind runs its fingers through the trembling grass, then flees into the farswept distance
Silence fallls once more
A shadow on the gras

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