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Iam a teacher. The HOD of the English department of KMM senior secondary school.malappuram dist.Kerala.I handle English for the senior secondary. I love my job.I have penned articles for various magazines. I love writing poems.I am thinking of publishing s book in the near future.Basically I am simple; and a very down to earth person.I am highly sentimental and this had sometimes created many problems in my life. I give priority to relationships and I think life is to enjoy not brood over the past or worry about the future. Live in the present is my motto. Brought up in Bangalore; I'm now settled in Kerala. I feel a teacher's job is the best in the world.The spark of enlightenment ignited when you impart knowledge is thrilling beyond words.

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A year of married bliss,
Lost in a moment of quarreling hiss.
Arrows of words piercing the very soul,
Like Brutus's dagger that bled Caesar whole

To err is human,
To forgive Godly.
To forget is manly,
To avenge brazen.

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