Jaishree Nair

Jaishree Nair Quotes

  • ''To forget manly
    To forgive Godly''
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  • ''Dissatisfaction rules out happiness''
  • ''Even a seed has to stay buried for sometime to become a big tree''
  • ''Distance yourselves from negative thinkers..''
  • ''The more civilized you are, the more humble you become''
  • ''Humility and Respect are the foundation of Education''

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Best Poem of Jaishree Nair


She sat on the chair,
Half inclined to turn and run,
The white reflected in the mirror
Her tresses golden and amber.

She felt a moment of hesitation,
Should she, or shouldn't she?
The final word given,
She waited for the cold blade.

Snip, snip, snip went the scissors
The tresses fell all around.
Long, brown shiny with a tint of gold,
She closed her eyes cold.

She opened and stared
Shocked-a stranger in the mirror?
Faint memory of a writer's childhood fear
Shingled hair-sign of cowardice?

She dreaded going out,
A ...

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Cursed Moment

From riches to rags
he was forced by life's tags,
His very own, falling into life's dirty flow,
turned unknown...

His weakness in love favoured
their strength in war,
Stupefied and flabbergasted
into a hole he hibernated.

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