Jake Warren

Jake Warren Poems

1. R.B.S. 12/17/2006
2. City Under A Thousand Lies 12/17/2006
3. Here We Are Again 12/17/2006
4. Distilled Spirit 12/17/2006
5. Cemetery Drive 12/17/2006
6. Note From Another 12/28/2006
7. Panic 12/28/2006
8. Silver Lining (A Tribute To Geometry) 12/28/2006
9. Among The Shooting Stars 1/5/2007
10. Social Genocide 1/5/2007
11. Dirty Vibes 1/15/2007
12. Suffocated (Rewritten) 1/15/2007
13. Crucified 1/15/2007
14. Innocent By Insanity 1/24/2007
15. Going Skylar 1/24/2007
16. End Of The Line 1/24/2007
17. Crash 2/1/2007
18. Viral Course 2/1/2007
19. Goodbye (If You Can Hear Me) 2/8/2007
20. Justify Me 2/11/2007
21. Playing God: The Story Of Stories 2/11/2007
22. Unattached 3/3/2007
23. Mental Maze 3/3/2007
24. Some Doors Should Be Nailed Shut, It's Just Always Too Late To Know Which Ones 4/26/2007
25. Nimrod Love 1/24/2007
26. Signs Of Nope 1/24/2007
27. The Beginning Is The End Of Me 4/10/2007
28. Waste Away A Daydream 1/15/2007
29. Breaking Free 1/5/2007
30. Date In A Dark Alley 12/17/2006
31. Control's Toll 1/24/2007
32. Shooting Stars Are For Dreamers, Dreamers Are Hopeful, Hope Is Meaningless 4/26/2007
33. Bloodstained Diary 12/28/2006
34. The Dream 12/28/2006

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Best Poem of Jake Warren

Bloodstained Diary

Bathing in your blood
Reading your diary
Seeing where I’m mentioned
And how you loved me
But now you are gone
And I am so alone
Bathing in your blood
Writing a song
On the last page
Of your diary
Seeing that you’re mentioned
Just once by me
If only you were here
You could read
Because it’s so sweet
And I too bleed
Bathing in your blood
In the candlelight
Breathing in the fumes
In the darkness of the night
Turning the pages
Reading your diary
Seeing where I’m mentioned
And how you loved me
And now you...

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I see where your razorblades lay
Call me when the scars fade away
Nothing in your life is ok
Because you are content with making it that way
No one feels sorry for you no matter how hard you try
So please give up because you are living a lie
Life is a precious gift and yours is going to waste
No one is destined to be damned
You chose to fall from grace

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