James Bredin

Rookie (1933 / Ennis Canada)

James Bredin Poems

681. Old Memories... Jan 27th,2014 1/27/2014
682. Referendums Are Forbidden... Jan 28th,2014 1/28/2014
683. Winter 13 - 14... Jan 31st,2014 1/31/2014
684. Death With Dignity Soon... Feb 3rd,2014 2/3/2014
685. Out West... Feb 4th,2014 2/4/2014
686. A Pipe Over A Hill... Feb 4th,2014 2/4/2014
687. Pipeline Out West... Feb 4th,2014 2/4/2014
688. Charter And Appointed Senate... Feb 5th,2014 2/5/2014
689. Soft On Crime... Feb 6th,2014 2/6/2014
690. Arrange To Die... Feb 7th,2014 2/7/2014
691. Medical Aid In Dying... 2/10/2014
692. The Canadian Loonie... Feb 11th,2014 2/11/2014
693. Death-With-Dignity For You... Feb 12th,2014 2/12/2014
694. Alcoholics I Knew... Feb 15th,2014 2/15/2014
695. Less Than Half Of Us Vote... Feb 17th,2014 2/17/2014
696. Binding Referendums And You... Feb 18th,2014 2/18/2014
697. A Bingo Hall... Feb 21th,2014 2/21/2014
698. When Scarborough Had Some Land... Feb 22nd,2014 2/22/2014
699. Our Own Tea Party... Feb 24th,2014 2/24/2014
700. They Never Have A Doubt... Mar 3rd,2014 3/3/2014
701. A National Referendum... March 1st,2014 3/1/2014
702. When Will Summer Arrive... Mar 5th,2014 3/5/2014
703. Compolsory Voting For You... Mar 8th,2014 3/8/2014
704. Our Disappointed Place... Mar 12th,2014 3/12/2014
705. Can'T Change... St Patrick's Day 2014 3/17/2014
706. Pauline... Mar 15th,2014 3/15/2014
707. Doomed Democracy... Mar 18th,2014 3/18/2014
708. A Need For Binding Rederendums... Mar 20th,2014 3/20/2014
709. No One Complains... Mar 21st,2014 3/21/2014
710. Can We Change Things? 3/22/2014
711. Canadian Capital Punishment... 1/13/2014
712. New Hooker Law... Jan 14th,2014 1/14/2014
713. Toronto - New York... Feb 8th,2014 2/8/2014
714. No Death Penalty In Canada... 1/12/2014
715. Could This Be True... Dec 11th,2013 12/11/2013
716. Stephen Harper Please.... 11/28/2013
717. Quebec's Bill 52... Nov 29th,2013 11/29/2013
718. Just Cancel The Place Now 11/17/2013
719. No Death With Dignity... Sept 18th,2013 9/18/2013
720. Stephen Harper 11/3/2013

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  • Elke Seven (2/28/2011 8:29:00 PM)

    For an old guy, (I'm no spring chicken myself) , you write interestingly and coherently, but where are the love poems?

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Best Poem of James Bredin

Death With Dignity Please

If I die and I will and I don't know where or when or why,
And I can't do anything about it as I wait to say goodbye,
But it would be nice to arrange the whole dying affair,
Have death with dignity, even though religious groups don't dare.

I suppose I'm lucky, not to know when, where or why I'll die,
And you are too so maybe we should get ready to say goodbye,
You and I and us in the photographs will soon be long gone,
We can't plan for our untimely deaths because they say, it's wrong.

But the Swiss and those in Oregon have death with dignity,

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Can We Change The System

Are human rights written down somewhere like the law of the land?
Does Trudeau’s Charter give terrorists the right to take a stand?
Why are we not allowed binding referendums like the Swiss?
Would our politicians allow this or would they just dismiss?

Should Canadians have recall to keep politicians in check?
Eighteen US States have recall in their constitution deck,
The State of California has used recall, not once, but twice,
Canadians still can’t have it so it’s like the throw

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