James Bredin

Rookie (1933 / Ennis Canada)

James Bredin Poems

121. New Canadian Ideas Mar 17th,2011 3/17/2011
122. What Can Canadians Do? Mar 18th,2011 3/18/2011
123. Trudeau's Chater Again Mar 19th,2011 3/19/2011
124. Things Will Not Change Mar 20th,2011 3/20/2011
125. Wikileaks Fuss 12/11/2010
126. Our Politicians Have It Made 12/12/2010
127. Tied Down By Trudeau's Charter Of Rights 12/13/2010
128. First Past The Post 12/17/2010
129. The Next Dictator Maybe Enroute Feb 25th,2011 2/25/2011
130. Wait Till You Die Feb 26th,2011 2/26/2011
131. Distance In Miles Feb 27th,2011 2/27/2011
132. You Never Need To Vote 12/19/2010
133. Jails For Profit 12/20/2010
134. Legalization Of Assisted Suicide Mar 22nd 2011 3/22/2011
135. Politicians And Death Mar 24th,2011 3/24/2011
136. How Do We Get It Right Mar 25th,2011 3/25/2011
137. Our New Election Mar 26th,2011 3/26/2011
138. The Hidden Agenda Mar 27th,2011 3/27/2011
139. We Wait To Die Mar 29th,2011 3/29/2011
140. Canadian Federal Election Mar 30th,2011 3/30/2011
141. Subjects Not Mentioned Mar 31st,2011 3/31/2011
142. The Riots Over There Apr 1st 2011 4/1/2011
143. Ongoing Canadian Election Apr 2nd,2011 4/2/2011
144. Illusion Of Democracy Apr 3rd 2011 4/3/2011
145. Are You Going To Vote, Canadian? Apr 4th,2011 4/4/2011
146. No Need To Change Apr 5th,2011 4/5/2011
147. Words Not Written Or Said Apr 6th,2011 4/6/2011
148. Silent Election Issues April 7th,2011 4/7/2011
149. No Need To Vote Apr 8th,2011 4/8/2011
150. Have We Gone Off The Rails? Apr 10th 2011 4/10/2011
151. Would Party Politicians Lie? Apr 11th,2011 4/11/2011
152. Canadians Don'T Have To Vote Apr 12th,2011 4/12/2011
153. Why The Connections? Apr 13th,2011 4/13/2011
154. Get Rid Of Parole Boards Apr 14th,2011 4/14/2011
155. Appointees Should Be Elected Apr 15th,2011 4/15/2011
156. Only Half The Folk Vote Apr 17th,2011 4/17/2011
157. Less Drug Addicts Will Die Apr 19th,2011 4/19/2011
158. Another Canadian Election Apr 23rd 2011 4/23/2011
159. Injection Sites May 14th,2011 5/14/2011
160. Canadian Information Access May 15th,2011 5/14/2011

Comments about James Bredin

  • Elke Seven (2/28/2011 8:29:00 PM)

    For an old guy, (I'm no spring chicken myself) , you write interestingly and coherently, but where are the love poems?

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Best Poem of James Bredin

Death With Dignity Please

If I die and I will and I don't know where or when or why,
And I can't do anything about it as I wait to say goodbye,
But it would be nice to arrange the whole dying affair,
Have death with dignity, even though religious groups don't dare.

I suppose I'm lucky, not to know when, where or why I'll die,
And you are too so maybe we should get ready to say goodbye,
You and I and us in the photographs will soon be long gone,
We can't plan for our untimely deaths because they say, it's wrong.

But the Swiss and those in Oregon have death with dignity,

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Ennis will forever be enshrined in my mind,
A small mark on the map from another place and time.
Memories dimmed by many years as though cut with a knife,
First seventeen years of love and laughter in my life.

In a town bowed down by poverty struggling to survive,
Back lanes of half-door houses waiting someone to arrive.
Narrow winding streets full of friends and farmers’ horses,
Pompous priests dressed in black who always walked on water,

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