James Bredin

Rookie (1933 / Ennis Canada)

James Bredin Poems

161. Church Scandal 2/11/2013
162. Church Scandal ... Jan 16th,2013 1/16/2013
163. Close Down Parole Boards 4/20/2011
164. Close Down The Senate Please 10/29/2013
165. Cold War Fifties Feb 17th,2010 2/17/2011
166. Compolsory Voting For You... Mar 8th,2014 3/8/2014
167. Compulsory Canadian Elections... July 28th,2013 7/28/2013
168. Constitution Of Canada 6/5/2013
169. Constitutional Committee June 15th,2011 6/15/2011
170. Continuous Despair... Nov 1st,20137 11/1/2013
171. Control The Circumstances May 6th,2011 5/6/2011
172. Could The U, N, Be Shut Down For Good? 11/18/2010
173. Could This Be True... Dec 11th,2013 12/11/2013
174. Could We Cancel Parole Boards Jul 1st,2012 7/1/2012
175. Could We Cancel Parole Boards? 12/5/2010
176. Could We Delete Our Parole Boards 10/11/2013
177. Could You Be A Senator? 11/4/2013
178. Counter Quebec Referendum Aug 18th,2012 8/18/2012
179. Court System Problem Oct 22nd 2012 10/22/2012
180. Cursed By Trudeau's Charter Of Rights 12/26/2010
181. Cushy Canadian Criminal Care 11/29/2010
182. Damned Canadian Democracy Sept 17th,2012 9/17/2012
183. Dead Guys ... Jan 1st,2013 12/31/2012
184. Death 12/6/2010
185. Death Could Be A Dreadful Mess 7/6/2011
186. Death Ignored 4/22/2011
187. Death Is Coming... Mar 14th,2013 3/14/2013
188. Death Is In Our Future... Jan 3rd,2013 1/3/2013
189. Death May Not Be Allowed Sept 22nd,2012 9/22/2012
190. Death No Way ... Nov 19th,2012 11/19/2012
191. Death With Dignity 5/11/2011
192. Death With Dignity Again 6/24/2013
193. Death With Dignity Cancelled 10/12/2013
194. Death With Dignity In Canada Oct 29th,2012 10/29/2012
195. Death With Dignity In Health Care 6/17/2013
196. Death With Dignity Maybe Now... April 26th,2013 4/26/2013
197. Death With Dignity Now Oct 1st 2012 10/1/2012
198. Death With Dignity Please 10/4/2012
199. Death With Dignity Please June 4th,2011 6/4/2011
200. Death With Dignity Please Sept 21st,2012 9/21/2012
Best Poem of James Bredin

Death With Dignity Please

If I die and I will and I don't know where or when or why,
And I can't do anything about it as I wait to say goodbye,
But it would be nice to arrange the whole dying affair,
Have death with dignity, even though religious groups don't dare.

I suppose I'm lucky, not to know when, where or why I'll die,
And you are too so maybe we should get ready to say goodbye,
You and I and us in the photographs will soon be long gone,
We can't plan for our untimely deaths because they say, it's wrong.

But the Swiss and those in Oregon have death with dignity,

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The Enemy In The Mirror

We looked in the mirror, saw the enemy but he was disguised,
We cancelled hanging killers long ago and who was surprised?
Without referendums our politicians can do what they like,
Political correctness gone mad though we surely dislike.

We seem helpless in the face of refugees coming in old ships,
Sent the navy out to help them finish the long dangerous trips,
As though we had an obligation not to rock their boat,
And invite other refugees and anyone else they promote.

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