James Brunton Stephens

(17 June 1835 – 29 June 1902 / Borrowstounness, on the Firth of Forth, Scotland;)

James Brunton Stephens Poems

41. In A 'Bus 3/3/2010
42. The Southern Cross 3/3/2010
43. A Piccaninny 3/3/2010
44. Had I But Known 3/3/2010
45. Cape Byron 3/3/2010
46. Spirit Of Song 1/4/2003
47. Brunton Stephens 3/3/2010
48. A Historical Problem 3/3/2010
49. A Lost Chance 3/3/2010
50. From An Upper Verandah 3/3/2010
51. A Visit From Abroad 4/16/2010
52. The Dark Companion 1/4/2003
53. For My Sake 3/3/2010
54. Adelaide Ironside 3/3/2010
55. Universally Respected 3/3/2010
56. A Coin Of Trajan In Australia 3/3/2010
57. Marsupial Bill 3/3/2010
58. Macaulay's New Zealander 3/3/2010
59. Born Before His Time 3/3/2010
60. King Billy's Skull. 4/16/2010
61. Australian Anthem 3/3/2010
62. A Son Of The Soil 3/3/2010
63. “big Ben” 3/3/2010
64. A Brisbane Reverie 3/3/2010
65. Check 4/16/2010
66. Night 1/4/2003

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Best Poem of James Brunton Stephens


Hark how the tremulous night-wind is passing in joy-laden sighs;
Soft through my window it comes, like the fanning of pinions angelic,
   Whispering to cease from myself, and look out on the infinite skies.

Out on the orb-studded night, and the crescent effulgence of Dian;
   Out on the far-gleaming star-dust that marks where the angels have trod;
Out on the gem-pointed Cross, and the glittering pomp of Orion,
   Flaming in measureless azure, the coronal jewels of God;

Luminous streams of delight in the silent ...

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Not Understood

Not understood, we move along asunder;
   Our paths grow wider as the seasons creep
Along the years; we marvel and we wonder
   Why life is life, and then we fall asleep
   Not understood.

Not understood, we gather false impressions
   And hug them closer as the years go by;
Till virtues often seem to us transgressions;

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