James Brunton Stephens

(17 June 1835 – 29 June 1902 / Borrowstounness, on the Firth of Forth, Scotland;)

James Brunton Stephens Poems

41. In A 'Bus 3/3/2010
42. The Southern Cross 3/3/2010
43. A Piccaninny 3/3/2010
44. Had I But Known 3/3/2010
45. Cape Byron 3/3/2010
46. Spirit Of Song 1/4/2003
47. Brunton Stephens 3/3/2010
48. A Historical Problem 3/3/2010
49. A Lost Chance 3/3/2010
50. From An Upper Verandah 3/3/2010
51. A Visit From Abroad 4/16/2010
52. The Dark Companion 1/4/2003
53. For My Sake 3/3/2010
54. Adelaide Ironside 3/3/2010
55. Universally Respected 3/3/2010
56. A Coin Of Trajan In Australia 3/3/2010
57. Marsupial Bill 3/3/2010
58. Macaulay's New Zealander 3/3/2010
59. A Brisbane Reverie 3/3/2010
60. Born Before His Time 3/3/2010
61. King Billy's Skull. 4/16/2010
62. Australian Anthem 3/3/2010
63. A Son Of The Soil 3/3/2010
64. “big Ben” 3/3/2010
65. Check 4/16/2010
66. Night 1/4/2003

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Best Poem of James Brunton Stephens


Hark how the tremulous night-wind is passing in joy-laden sighs;
Soft through my window it comes, like the fanning of pinions angelic,
   Whispering to cease from myself, and look out on the infinite skies.

Out on the orb-studded night, and the crescent effulgence of Dian;
   Out on the far-gleaming star-dust that marks where the angels have trod;
Out on the gem-pointed Cross, and the glittering pomp of Orion,
   Flaming in measureless azure, the coronal jewels of God;

Luminous streams of delight in the silent ...

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Linger, oh Sun, for a little, nor close yet this day of a million!
   Is there not glory enough in the rose-curtained halls of the West?
Hast thou no joy in the passion-hued folds of thy kingly pavilion?
   Why shouldst thou only pass through it? Oh rest thee a little while, rest!

Why should the Night come and take it, the wan Night that cannot enjoy it,
   Bringing pale argent for golden, and changing vermilion to grey?
Why should the N

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