James Christopher Walker Jr.

Rookie (April 8th,1993 / Hudson, North Carolina)

Biography of James Christopher Walker Jr.

I'm James Walker. I have wrote music for 12 years an recorded music for almost 3. Poetry has always been involved in my lyrics, but i put my emotions in these lines an dedicate my poetry to either someone special or someone who needs guidance in life, just like my music. I express on here to relieve my mind on others I think of, or life that I think about. Please review, comment, or share. I hope it benefits to your heart as well.

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What would happen if we didn't combine would still understand?
I'm telling you my feelings an hurting you was never my plan
I Love You are true words tell me do you even feel?
You cry an can't respond because your not used to real

Have you ever wished for deep feelings an you found that star?
You pretty yourself up but always I accept you for who you are
Bright days I give you an do you like when happiness feels so true?
I see no rain in your eyes because I make the weather perfect

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