James Edwin Campbell Poems

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Mors Et Vita

Into the soil a seed is sown,
Out of the soul a song is wrung,
Out of the shell a pearl is gone,
Out of the cage a bird is flown,

Richard Iii

I see thy smile; at times, May's warm, young sun,
At times, December's cold and threat'ning sky;
Thy woman's hand aplucking at thy sword,

De Cunjah Man

O chillen run, de Cunjah man,
Him mouf ez beeg ez fryin' pan,
Him yurs am small, him eyes am raid,
Him hab no toof een him ol' haid,


I wus a settin' by my winder
Lookin' out the other day,
On the Airth all white with snowdrifts -
Look you ever which-a-way;

Ol' Doc' Hyar

Ur ol' Hyar lib in ur house on de hill,
He hunner yurs ol' an' nebber wuz ill;
He yurs dee so long an' he eyes so beeg,

Negro Lullaby

Mammy's baby, go ter sleep,
Hush-er-by, hush-er-by, my honey;
Cross de hyarf de cricket creep,
Hush-er-by, hush-er-by, my honey.

Sciplinin' Sister Brown

Shet up dat noise, you chillen! Dar's some one at de do'.
Dribe out dem dogs; you 'Rastus, tek Linkum off de flo'!


The Earth, a leper foul with scars and sores,
Lay naked in most hideous plight,
When Boreas flung down his ermined robe

My Friends In Bohemia

Friends have I in Bohemia three -
My pipe, my dog, myself, you see
We make a jolly trinity -
We three are careless Bohemians.

O, Sweetheart, Sweet

O, sweetheart, sweet of the Long Ago,
Maid of the blue, blue eyes;
You went one day like a Spring-time snow
And you left me here, ah, long ago,

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