James Ferguson

Rookie (December First 1991 / FLORIDA)

James Ferguson Poems

41. Sitting In School 11/18/2009
42. Rage Upon Stupid Shit 1/10/2010
43. Rage Consumeing Me 1/19/2010
44. Light Danceing 2/9/2010
45. Im Not Sure Anymore 2/12/2010
46. Broken 2/12/2010
47. Love-Hate Who Wins Anymore? 2/16/2010
48. My Choices Today 2/17/2010
49. Raceing And Paceing Bad Combination 3/17/2010
50. Life Or Death Light Or Dark 3/17/2010
51. Well A New One For You ^^ 4/12/2010
52. Insomnia Is Insanity 5/13/2010
53. Tricks From A Hat 7/12/2010
54. From The Heart 11/4/2010
55. Random Words Flowso Well. 1/22/2011
56. Insanity Again. 1/22/2011
57. Gleamin 1/24/2011
58. Dreams So Free 2/3/2011
59. Kiss Of Sparks. 2/8/2011
60. Spite. 2/14/2011
61. Past Tense. 2/19/2011
62. Its That Newness 2/28/2011
63. Christina 2/28/2011
64. Love Ocean 3/8/2011
65. Fail 3/19/2011
66. Newnesss 9/15/2011
67. Past Of Ash 9/17/2011
68. Random No4? 9/18/2011
69. This Ones Barbaras 9/18/2011
70. Love Chaos War Peace 11/2/2011
71. Peace And Gore. Blood Spilled By The Poor 11/2/2011
72. Days Of Old. 11/4/2011
73. Runnin On E 11/4/2011
74. This Scared Heart 11/5/2011
75. It Is What It Is. 12/5/2011
76. Penny For Your Thoughts? 12/5/2011
77. Creepin While Sleepin 12/23/2011
78. New Years 12/31/2011
79. 12 Years Have Passed 1/4/2012
80. Evenflow 2/10/2012

Comments about James Ferguson

  • Aubriana Munoz (2/12/2010 3:40:00 PM)

    José we became friends in the last day of school he give me his number to call if I need a friend so I did he end up have feeling for me the more we would hang finally in spet.5.2009 I bet him to it and ask him out he say yes and he ask me out to I was happy the first day was the football game we sit there and talked about his family and my family the next day Invite him to my house so he can met my parents he was shy. went out all thought the year the new spreader the hold school everyone was surprised but his ex I didn’t not know they went out in to she told me she started to broke me and him up. I realized that he still love her because he would do things for her like hold her book carried her things he put me a side just to make her happy I keep broke up with him because of that one day I caught him hold her hand I walked away without him explain his story. I let it go because he says they were friends that day he asked me to marry him I say yes because he change a lot and started pay more attention to me and because I love him with my heart. Christmas came we spend more time together. Around that time his brother had just get out of jail I did know why he was in there for! I decide to call him and his brother pick up the phone and talked to me all rude I ask if I can talked to José think it was his dad or someone he hang up the phone. I e was upset then the next thing I know he show up at my house like nothing I told him it was over I keep get back together with him because I love him like around Jan when we went back to school his brother start mistreat me and call me names José just stand there like nothing Jeffery would walked between us and tare us a part like Jeffery nothing I walked away with tear in my eyes that some day Jeffery treat to kill me with session and cut me I was afraid of Jeffery because of that I tell José he ignore me after that Jeffery was arrive for treat his girlfriend, me, my sister and the school. teacher confiders came and the teacher tell my mom that José was mistreat me when it was true that day I caught him again talked to her and cheat on me I was so stupid of believed him I just left It alone more things started to happen he would let me go anywhere in less he follow me or hang out with my friends into one day my friend tell him we well not marry and make him stay away that when he notice he was loser me cause the way he was treat. in stand he started buy my love. my parents deiced to move to presidio because there was too much go on. for that moth we take picture and spend so much time together for the week I was there he told me I was the only one for him I believed him I tell him I would wait for him and ever forget about him that day came to say goodbye he give me a big kiss and I cried. he hold me so closer when I move I looked back and with tear in my eyes a few month later I started school I was afraid. everyday went by when I would think of him my heart was sad into one day I decide to call him and tell him about school he stop call me an a few month he call me I was cried in the phone of how much I miss him. then one day it was poem day I make were I could go by my self I find he went to poem with his ex I was mad and upset I wanted to cried now it over camlet my heart is still if pain

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Her kiss so sweet it makes a spark deep within my heart she makes me smile just like a crocodile

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my feathers have fallen now their all gone and all that remains is the wings of a devils spawn

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