James Grayson 'Cluff'

Rookie (05/07/88 / Manchester)

Biography of James Grayson 'Cluff'

I just do this for fun, nuffin seriouse
Im going on 21, and for the last year Ive gone through hell to try and sort my life out.
When I was younger, in High School, I was a little shit basicaly. A chav/hoodie/yob, what ever you want to call it. My lifes been pretty grim realy, same for most people my age or younger and im sure for people older. Im not complaining though, I wouldnt be the man I am now if I hadnt gone through it all.
Drugs, crime, violence, been there done that.
Drugs messed my life up, thats why Ive gone through hell to sort things out.
But since about 13, poetry had and always will be there for me. You all know the feeling, the freedom you get when you write. Its saved my life, i might not be the best, hell i might even not be any good at all, but i enjoy it and thats all i realy care about.

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Im A Hoodie

I know exactly who I am
And what I do!
Im a Hoodie

All you mother fuckers
Dont have a clue
Im a Hoodie

I live my life day

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