James Grayson

Rookie (5th July 1988 / Manchester, England)

Biography of James Grayson

Im James and im 21, from Manchester, England. I like alot of things, writing is one of them. i like exersise, i do weights n boxing. I have bin thru alot realy, read my poems n you'll sort of see what. Ive been locked up in a mental ward, my own fault tho. When I was younger I did alot of drugs and thats what caused it. That was about 2years ago n im only just gettin back together realy, its been hard coping with everythin. Dont get me wrong tho, at the moment im realy happy, my girlfreind has realy helped me, n i realy help her. I love writing, i'll write anything i can think of. most of my is in my books, n ive got loads of it, but u'll get the new stuff mostly. Every now n then i'll put the older stuff on, one by one so i dont giv 2 much away lol. I hope you enjoy, my things about my life are true and come frm life expeiriances. Enjoy.

James Grayson's Works:

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When Death Is Near

I am dying.
I can feel him breathing
Down the back of my neck.
I do not waste time crying,
And neither should you.
Your time shall come
And mine is near
He calls my name,
I take a breath

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