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1. Never A Happy Ending 5/6/2013
2. The Cumbersome Fool 5/17/2013
3. 2nd One In Line 6/6/2013
4. The Last Little Piggy 7/13/2013
5. Leanne 8/3/2013
6. The Christmas That Nearly Never Happened 8/3/2013
7. Love Has No Face 8/3/2013
8. The Girl I Love 8/3/2013
9. I Reminisce 11/12/2013
10. The Princess Of Keighley 12/23/2013
11. Summer Dreams 12/28/2013
12. The Problem With Sheeps Tales 12/28/2013
13. An Illusion Of Confusion 12/30/2013
14. Down 9/1/2013
15. The Torturous Taxman 1/27/2014
16. War 1/29/2014
17. Washed Away 3/1/2014
18. Lost In Life Without A Lover 1/8/2014
19. Lost 8/3/2013
20. Finding A Reason 8/3/2013
21. Gone Fishing 8/4/2013
22. Never Ever Keep A Whale In Your Pond 5/26/2013

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Best Poem of James Irwin

Never Ever Keep A Whale In Your Pond

Did you ever hear of the tale,
about the Man...who kept in a small pond...a rather huge Whale.

(in my opinion, he should have gone to jail)

In this pond...the Whale would miserably sit,
whilst the Man`s friends...all stared and pocked at it.

Then one night...the rains did heavily drop,
and from the pond...the Whale did hop.

(not much of a hop, more of a twist and a belly flop)

And still the rains...did not cease to stop.

Flooding the land and lifting the house,
up a tree...ran a door mouse.

Then the house started to move ...

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The Last Little Piggy

Did you ever hear the full ending of the Three Little Pigs tale?

In the end...the last little piggy had to sue the builders
when the foundation of his brick house...did fail,

and on top of that...

He built a house without planning permission,
and could have faced a fine...or even gone to Jail.

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