James Lee Watts

Rookie (23rd July 1990 / Birmingham)

James Lee Watts Poems

1. Love To Die For 12/5/2004
2. Cupids Arrow 2/24/2005
3. Watery Lane 2/24/2005
4. Soldiers, Murderers Or Heroes? 1/21/2005
5. Do You Call This... 12/6/2004
6. The Brain Does Funny Things 12/6/2004
7. Come On England 12/6/2004
8. A Heart 12/5/2004
9. A Love Story 12/5/2004
10. Eternal Love 12/5/2004
11. Is This Meant To Be? 12/5/2004
12. Romance 12/5/2004
13. The Perfect Proposal 12/6/2004
14. You 12/6/2004
15. My Night 12/6/2004
16. Life 12/6/2004
17. The Pain Of Love 12/6/2004
18. Suicide 12/6/2004
19. Confused 12/6/2004
20. Granddad 12/6/2004
21. Our Dearest Granddad 12/6/2004
22. The Boy Who Never Stood By 12/6/2004
23. Bullies 12/6/2004
24. For A Friend In Need 12/6/2004
25. The Clubber 12/6/2004
26. Untitled 12/11/2004
27. A Heart (Between The Lines) 1/26/2005
28. Tick - Tock 1/28/2005
29. Manipulated, Confused, Alone 3/18/2005
30. A Word For Thought 1/4/2005
31. Larger Than Life Itself 1/9/2005
32. Best Friends 12/6/2004
33. Blind Love 12/21/2004
34. Watching From Afar 1/21/2006
35. Children In Need 12/6/2004
36. Time Capsules 1/11/2005
37. All Across The Nation 12/6/2004

Comments about James Lee Watts

  • Stacy Lilly (4/1/2005 11:21:00 AM)


    At your age, and even my own, it is rare to find the sense of knowledge and enlightenment you share through your poetry. You have a way with expressing the emotions so many feel and wish to express themselves.
    I work with InnerCircle Publishing. A company created solely for metaphysical writers. Please check out www.innercirclepublishing.com with your parents, my email is on the contact page if you are interested in more information.

    Thank you for your time and wisdom.
    Stacy Lilly

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  • Lare Austin (1/29/2005 1:25:00 PM)

    Hi James...Just read your poem 'Soldiers, Murders or Heroes'...wow...you have definitely caught the full magnitude of what this is all about...and what has been going on for the lifetime of man. I would say you have much thought in the form of words to share...this is certainly one of them...your stuff is very good...

    I have a few new poems on this site...
    'A Friend'
    'Cabernet Sauvignon'
    'I Am The Deer'
    'Her Eyes Told Me'

    Keep up the writing, James...then...when you feel it's right...gather your stuff and put them in your book of poetry...don't forget...you are a storyteller...you need to tell people...

    Lare Austin

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  • Lare Austin (12/20/2004 1:25:00 PM)

    Hi James...I just got your E mail. After reading it I went right to your poetry page on poemhunter. So far I have read just a few of your poems...I will definitely read them all. James...although I am no expert, from what I have read of your poetry I think you have a great gift in writing poetry. You convey very special thoughts that I think most of us have all gone through. I believe your poem about your grandfather is very special and the thought of giving your poem as tribute to your grandfather is precious. I lost my dad last February. I wish I had published my book of poetry before he died...but he died so suddenly.

    I look forward to reading future poetry from you, James. I hope one day you will publish your own book of poetry. You have a special gift...


    Lare Austin

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Best Poem of James Lee Watts

All Across The Nation

All Across The Nation,
Is Hunger And Starvation.

All Across The Nation,
Is Racism And Discrimination.

All Across The Nation,
Is Poverty And Overpopulation.

Why Don’t We Stop This Pain?
There’s A Lot More We Can Gain.

Why Not Help Each Other?
Instead Of Killing One Another,

Actions Speak Louder Than Words,
So Lets Do Something About It!

August 2004

Read the full of All Across The Nation

Do You Call This...

Do you call this happy?
Do you call this sad?
Am I all broken?
Or am I just bad?

Do you call this life?
Do you call this love?
Am I just lucky?
Or am I blessed from above?

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