James McLain

Gold Star - 41,654 Points [is It poetry] (1958 - / From Tampa Florida And Still Living Near By)

James McLain Poems

4881. Clammy And Spent, Death Has Climbed Off Me 1/15/2016
4882. Daffodils Ll 1/19/2016
4883. Pain Is Colored Emotion On The Wall 1/20/2016
4884. ............... Maslow's Hierarchy Of Basic Human Needs 1/21/2016
4885. Because To Me It's Red 1/23/2016
4886. You Will Take What I Can't Have 1/24/2016
4887. Die Not If We Must 1/24/2016
4888. My Fellow Brothers And Sisters 1/25/2016
4889. Holding You I've Held The Night 1/26/2016
4890. The Poisoning Of The Well 1/26/2016
4891. Owning A Pet In The Ghetto 1/30/2016
4892. Movements Of The Kiss 4/13/2016
4893. The Trumpets Blast And It's Low Sound 4/16/2016
4894. For One Lonely Child 4/23/2016
4895. You Are Here To Be Eaten By Them 4/25/2016
4896. The Camera Spy App 4/26/2016
4897. My Psychiatrist And Latuda 4/28/2016
4898. The Place That Never Was 4/29/2016
4899. Teenage Girls In Love 5/2/2016
4900. Why Do Gay Boy's Do It Better Than Straight Girls 5/5/2016
4901. A Personal Observation 5/7/2016
4902. Living Up To The Dead Poet's Expectations 5/7/2016
4903. Oblivion 5/7/2016
4904. Capitalism And The Ghetto 5/8/2016
4905. Politicians, What Are They Thinking 5/9/2016
4906. Behind Every Bush There's A Tree 5/10/2016
4907. Rape Is Ugly And Violent 5/10/2016
4908. Of Such My Life Once Was 5/11/2016
4909. Do You Hate Muslims Because Of This 5/11/2016
4910. Texting And Driving 5/12/2016
4911. The Smell Of Old Detroit 5/12/2016
4912. Alone In The Moment I 5/12/2016
4913. Mother I Am Red Wet Moist Warm And Juicy 5/13/2016
4914. Rubber Bullets 5/13/2016
4915. In America A Prison In Georgia 5/13/2016
4916. Living In Ignorance About Religion 5/13/2016
4917. About Your God's 5/13/2016
4918. America's Aged And Infirm 5/13/2016
4919. Dark Angel's 5/13/2016
4920. Mother's Loss 5/14/2016

Comments about James McLain

  • Carol Carter Carol Carter (2/4/2015 12:12:00 AM)

    Agree with your thoughts.

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    24 person did not like.
  • Mary Angela Douglas Mary Angela Douglas (10/10/2014 1:05:00 PM)

    This poem is astonishingly beautiful conveying unseen worlds and with utmost delicacy.

    Forgive the intrusion but I have changed (not the words) but a few very minor spelling or typos type of mistakes.

    This poem is incredible and flows in and out of dreams so that you even forget the language, arcing beyond life to afterlife. It is remarkable.

    To The Blind Their Dreaming

    Before I was blind there were dreams.
    But seeing my dreams
    before I could see, depended
    on how much you could really see.

    Blind before birth,
    and what you have asked of me.
    Having my, our, hearing dreams-
    your perception
    is sound, sound that is seen;
    left more unsaid about me.

    I still see to see in my dreams
    as one
    where I'm still alive.

    What they must contain,
    the colors within.
    and sound, I can feel: taste
    and touch.

    To remember one dream
    that one special dream, I still dream
    when awake I can see,
    when my wife I first met
    and how she will look forever.

  • Amir Mohammad Islami Chalandar (6/6/2014 7:18:00 AM)

    excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

  • Richard Beevor (5/8/2014 4:20:00 AM)

    excellent poem, I believed I walked those woods with you

  • Kera Ann Kera Ann (11/22/2013 11:08:00 AM)

    It's an honor that you read my work thank you so much. I hope you read more and that you like it.

  • Chris Leermakers Chris Leermakers (4/22/2013 6:38:00 PM)

    Great Poems All Round. And Thankyou For Your
    Positive Feedback On My Poetry. Cheers, Chris.

  • This Is Not A Poem (9/7/2011 10:04:00 PM)

    You are amazing. I thank you for existing. I live in a glass house and am unable to write the truth as you do. One day... :)

  • Inner Whispers (9/4/2011 7:02:00 PM)

    hmn...top 49 poet....an honor i had a chance to be read by you....salute to you!

  • Alisha Lopej (4/28/2011 1:10:00 AM)

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  • Liyo Denorte (5/13/2010 10:35:00 AM)

    now it dawns on me,
    u have the boldness and spontaneity of Kerouac

    i salute u for that

Best Poem of James McLain

She Is Afraid, He Is Tired..

She is he,
and he is She.
The two,
now lost, loves heart.
And bright,
the yellow sun.

You once we're two,
as one,
and ran around the world.
Inside both heads.

He fell inside loves fire.
And she,
his red heart pumping burned

Both fires,
burned ice cold hot.
Within Her,
light did give U.S. form.

Over shadows love,
swept out black coals.

Your smile, twin lips.
He kissed, both miss.

His face, from that.
Bright coals, still hiss.

Now alone again,
he walks into.

loving ...

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C*taking Turns *

Short of wind your breath belies
the dragging of your heal in
dust we trust.

Sweat dried sand to face
scoured fresh blush the
wind has made
to know.

Wind lifts my arms to take
from you this gift is
precious so.

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