James Michael

Rookie (9/8/95 / Florida)

Biography of James Michael

Very quiet, shy, often prefers to be alone and has trouble making friends.
Has mood issues that seriously effect everyday life.
ADD, trouble concentrating in school.
Likes to learn, but hates the structure of school, often researching subjects by himself.
Likes to paint, play music, create poems and anything else that involves art.
Influences include but are not limited to: John Lennon
Kurt Cobain Bob Marley Vincent Van Gough etc.....

PoemHunter.com Updates

Bloody Valentine

Dear... My Bloody Valentine
rip my heart out
bloody valentine
look into it deeply
bloody valentine
what do u see?
bloody valentine
are u getting the full picture...
...or just a piece of the puzzle?
bloody valentine
...What do u see...

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