James Mills

James Mills Poems

1. Thoughts 5/16/2005
2. Skin 5/8/2005
3. One That Got Away 8/19/2006
4. Sheet Music 8/19/2006
5. The Naming Of Rivers 8/20/2006
6. Party Time 8/21/2006
7. Growth 8/21/2006
8. Snookered 8/21/2006
9. Tick 8/23/2006
10. Idle A While 8/24/2006
11. A Sombre Noise 6/17/2005
12. B Pictures 6/18/2005
13. Words 6/15/2005
14. Voids 6/17/2005
15. Free Speech 5/31/2005
16. Bottled 6/13/2005
17. Follows 6/14/2005
18. Fighter 5/18/2005
19. History Boys (A Sestina) 9/13/2006
20. Black And Blue 9/14/2006
21. The Callous Miner 9/16/2006
22. Borderland 9/16/2006
23. Night Visitor 9/19/2006
24. The Word 9/23/2006
25. Bone Unto Dust 9/24/2006
26. Mother And Baby 9/24/2006
27. Knowledge 9/28/2006
28. Harvest 9/28/2006
29. Polar Legend 9/30/2006
30. His Littoral 10/13/2006
31. Greetings (Haiku) 8/23/2006
32. Lip To Lip 9/16/2006
33. Borders 6/15/2005
34. Ink Spots 5/17/2005
35. Years From Seventeen 5/18/2005
36. Fooling 5/7/2005
37. Swingtime 10/13/2006
38. Breathing 5/15/2005
39. Wireless Becomes Radio 9/27/2006
40. So Times 5/16/2005

Comments about James Mills

  • Andy Konisberg (5/7/2005 9:08:00 PM)

    some real promise here...I've left comments on a few. I like the fact that you switch in between styles and structure... I don't think you handle dialogue in quite as effective way as you could because often it completely divides the poems...I would suggest integrating descriptive elements with dialogue, to retain cohesion....there are some great elements here; some really wonderful stand-out lines and I think 'Quiddity', 'For the children', 'Terminal leave', and I think another I commented on, are the most impressive pieces in terms of maintaining rhythm and structure...even though you are mainly writing free-verse poetry. There is some excellent turns of phrase at times, and I look forward to reading your future postings, James.

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  • Michael Shepherd (5/7/2005 4:36:00 AM)

    James, I see you've drawn the spite rating from the 'oners' for your poems. Sorry if my posting was to blame...

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  • Frances Macaulay Forde Frances Macaulay Forde (5/2/2005 11:36:00 AM)

    Fabulous skill with words. The 'More Info' lists many different James Mills. You are obviously a serious poet and I would like to read more of your work. So?
    Who are you?

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Best Poem of James Mills

After The Deluge

There's a blue harmony to Summer rain,
Its subtle rhythm suits the mood I'm in,
A pulsing tempo, a liquid refrain

Crashing over me again and again,
Cooling and fooling as it seeps within.
There's a blue harmony to Summer rain.

It rinses through me, diluting the stain
They tell us we carry; Adam's first sin.
A pulsing tempo, a liquid refrain.

It smoothes to pebbles the boulders of pain
That tumble my thoughts in a brainwashed spin.
There's a blue harmony to Summer rain.

Then, like a rainbow, which cannot sustain,
The mood's ...

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War Torn

Some remnant living in muscle memory
is pressed, dressed and polished each time
he marches, slowly now and with tired bones,
to the Legion for his Friday bingo.
His numbers, in all the years, haven't shown
as ex-corporal caller turns the wheel
and the same bally jokes revolve and drop,
snipered, on the half-deaf, half-dead, half-full
hall of pensioners with fat pens

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