James Papastamos

Rookie (December 13th,2009 / Toronto, Canada)

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Where there is tragedy there is art. Lyric poetry is tragic, intense, and an emotional powerhouse. This is what I wrote after undergoing four brain operations in 1990,1991, to remove a brain tumor at the base of my skull. I wrote when I was sad, and when I was angry. Now, I am battling cancer. I intend to win. I want to live. I put my trust in God, and this cancer has strengthened my relationship with our heavenly Father. In the beginning, I wrote mostly bound verse, using iambic tetrameter, with an ABCB rhyme scheme. A few poems got published by Cader Publishing, the International Library of Poetry, and by Noble House. Now, I write mostly free verse. Poetry is, perhaps, the greatest art form, because it allows the reader to peer into the writer's soul, more so than any other art form. Poetry shall never die. Let art be as timeless and enduring as the legacy of its master. If you want to read some of my blogs, visit my Live space: http: //thepoetineye.spaces.live.com

James Papastamos

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By Love Of God

These eyes have seen a day of night
my ears receive its echoes far;
Disease distorts my sense of light
my soul, it cannot touch nor mar.

Alas, I cry these tears of joy
its pools reflect my need to win;
I see, I think, but have no doubt
the cancer in me is not within.

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