James Royster

Rookie (04/16/1984 / Dallas)

James Royster Poems

1. Dear Dad 5/11/2005
2. Depression 5/11/2005
3. Why? 5/11/2005
4. Without You 5/11/2005
5. Words Of An Opressed Soul 5/11/2005
6. Self-Doubt 5/11/2005
7. A Dying Race 5/11/2005
8. My Heart 5/11/2005
9. King's Domain 5/11/2005
10. More Than Friends 5/11/2005
11. Drip Drop 5/11/2005
12. Evolution 5/11/2005
13. Fake 5/11/2005
14. A Different Perspective 5/11/2005
15. What Am I Going To Do? 5/11/2005
16. Who Am I? 5/11/2005
17. The Last Tear 5/11/2005
18. In The End 5/11/2005
19. The Question 5/11/2005
20. Trinity 5/11/2005
21. The Beginning Of The End 5/11/2005
22. Angel In The Sky 5/11/2005
23. Committed 5/11/2005
24. My Love 5/11/2005
25. God's Masterpiece 5/11/2005
26. My Blossoming Heart 5/11/2005
27. The Most Beautiful Thing 5/11/2005
28. Identity 5/11/2005
29. Society's Jackass 5/11/2005
30. Africa 5/11/2005

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How can I smile when 2/3 of me have been
oppressed? Yet I am told to just hold my head
up and do my best.

You want me to work hard so the corporation
can do well? It seems hard to succeed when
half of my people are sitting in Jail.

Some people say that I am a KING.
Others say I am not a person, but a thing.

There are some things the teachers want to
hide. Like the moon, history also has a
dark side.

They say to have power you must first obtain
knowledge. We must be pretty weak since only
30% of us make it to college.

Who am I? ...

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My Blossoming Heart

You complete me, you make me whole,
If I were a puzzle you would be a piece of my soul.

When you’re sad I cry.
When you’re depressed I sigh.

You are the reason I wake up each day with a smile.
Your voice alone drives me wild.

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