James Russell Lowell

(22 February 1819 – 12 August 1891 / Cambridge, Massachusetts)

James Russell Lowell Poems

1. A Chippewa Legend 5/10/2012
2. A Christmas Carol 5/10/2012
3. A Contrast 5/10/2012
4. A Fable 5/10/2012
5. A Fable For Critics 5/10/2012
6. A Familiar Epistle 5/10/2012
7. A Glance Behind The Curtain 5/10/2012
8. A Legend Of Brittany 5/10/2012
9. A Letter 5/10/2012
10. A Letter From A Candidate For The Presidency 5/10/2012
11. A Message Of Jeff Davis In Secret Session 5/10/2012
12. A Mood 5/10/2012
13. A New Year's Greeting 5/10/2012
14. A Parable 5/10/2012
15. A Parable - Ii 5/10/2012
16. A Parable-Iii 5/10/2012
17. A Prayer 5/10/2012
18. A Requiem 5/10/2012
19. A Revolutionary Hero 5/10/2012
20. A Stanza On Freedom 5/10/2012
21. A Third Letter From B. Sawin, Esq. 5/10/2012
22. A Valentine 5/10/2012
23. A Winter-Evening Hymn To My Fire 5/10/2012
24. A Youthful Experiment In English Hexameters 5/10/2012
25. Above And Below 5/10/2012
26. Abraham Lincoln 5/10/2012
27. Abscence 5/10/2012
28. After The Burial 5/10/2012
29. Agro-Dolce 5/10/2012
30. Aladdin 5/10/2012
31. Allegra 5/10/2012
32. An Autograph 5/10/2012
33. An Incident In A Railroad Car 5/10/2012
34. An Indian Summer Reverie 5/10/2012
35. An Ode Of Thanks For Certain Cigars 5/10/2012
36. Are Ye Truly Free? 5/10/2012
37. Ausplex 5/10/2012
38. Flowers 5/10/2012
39. For An Autograph 5/10/2012
40. George Washington 5/10/2012

Comments about James Russell Lowell

  • David Powell (7/22/2018 12:56:00 PM)

    “The First Snowfall” is about Lowell’s thinking of the snow coverering his daughter’s grave at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge MA where he, too, is buried. This is the poem that Mevelyn is referring to. “She Came and Went” which is about life’s brevity and the little time we have with each other is about the same passing of his daughter.

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  • Fran Morgan (3/15/2018 1:47:00 PM)

    I’m looking for a poem by James Russell Lowell that he wrote about his daughters death.

  • Fran Morgsn (3/15/2018 1:45:00 PM)

    “ there’s a narrow ridge in the graveyard
    Would scarce......
    Immortal? I know it and feel it.
    Who doubts it of such as she?
    But that is the pang’s very Secret
    Immortal.. away from me.

  • Mary Skarpathiotaki Mary Skarpathiotaki (1/19/2018 12:30:00 PM)

    EXCELLENT POET GREAT! BRAVO! 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  • Mevelyn Richardson (12/1/2015 2:23:00 PM)

    I'm looking for the name of a poem by JTL about winter. I remember some words, perhaps not accurate:
    The snow had begun in the gloaming and busily all the night, had been heaping field and byway with a silence deep and bright. Every pine, fir and hemlock wore ermine too deep for an Earl. And the poorest twig on the elm tree was ridged inch deep in pearl.

Best Poem of James Russell Lowell

Above And Below


O dwellers in the valley-land,
Who in deep twilight grope and cower,
Till the slow mountain's dial-hand
Shorten to noon's triumphal hour,
While ye sit idle, do ye think
The Lord's great work sits idle too?
That light dare not o'erleap the brink
Of morn, because 'tis dark with you?

Though yet your valleys skulk in night,
In God's ripe fields the day is cried,
And reapers, with their sickles bright,
Troop, singing, down the mountain-side:
Come up, and feel what health there is
In the frank Dawn's delighted eyes,
As, bending ...

Read the full of Above And Below

George Washington

Soldier and statesman, rarest unison;
High-poised example of great duties done
Simply as breathing, a world's honors worn
As life's indifferent gifts to all men born;
Dumb for himself, unless it were to God,
But for his barefoot soldiers eloquent,
Tramping the snow to coral where they trod,
Held by his awe in hollow-eyed content;
Modest, yet firm as Nature's self; unblamed

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