401. I Want To Sing You A Love Song 8/2/2009
402. Dying To Be Free 8/4/2009
403. The Mermaid Who Dreamed With Me 8/4/2009
404. I'Ll Confide 8/4/2009
405. Can'T Be A Doctor (Senyru) 8/4/2009
406. Obnoxious Spammers 8/4/2009
407. I Saw A Snake In The Grass 8/4/2009
408. Do Men Also Wish To Be Courted 8/6/2009
409. No Worries 8/7/2009
410. Shoot The Messenger (Senyru) 8/7/2009
411. The Little Ice Skater And Me 8/9/2009
412. It Takes Two To Make Love Grow 8/9/2009
413. Secret To Weight Loss Revealed 8/9/2009
414. The Errant Seagull 8/10/2009
415. Beneath These Weary Bones 8/11/2009
416. The Gull With No Beak 8/11/2009
417. You Know It's Not About The Poetry When 8/11/2009
418. Disarray 8/12/2009
419. Butterfly Wings 8/13/2009
420. Les Paul Is Dead 8/13/2009
421. The Sirens Sound, It's 5 Am 8/13/2009
422. Inspired By A Friend 8/14/2009
423. Only Care (Haiku) 8/16/2009
424. If Just One Haiku 8/17/2009
425. A Lost Moment 8/17/2009
426. Only Love 8/17/2009
427. Love Goes By Too Fast 8/18/2009
428. You'Re Not The Only One Feeling Sad Tonight 8/20/2009
429. Heart Of Black (Senyru) 8/20/2009
430. Be Bold To Dream (Senyru) 8/20/2009
431. Never Overlook An Apology (Senyru) 8/20/2009
432. When The Blessings Seem Few 8/21/2009
433. I'Ll Bear The Shame 8/24/2009
434. Kissed 8/24/2009
435. What Children Don'T Know (Senyru) 8/19/2009
436. It Was Just A Poem 8/19/2009
437. Little Butterfly (For Helen) 8/19/2009
438. Unidentified Sadness (Haiku) 8/20/2009
439. Another Sad Story...Another Broken Heart 8/20/2009
440. You Tried! 8/24/2009

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Best Poem of JAMES T. ADAIR

A Beautiful Heart

Beautiful Girl
Beautiful Heart
The two don't always go together
Neither, necessarily apart

A beautiful girl
You might come across every day
and you might feel an attraction
We're wired that way

But in time you know
what others eventually learn
It's a beautiful heart
that's better to earn

Because beauty only goes so far
and is skin deep
But a beautiful heart
is forever to keep

And long after beauty has faded
she'll likely remain jaded
Vanity in its place remains
seeking approval and gains

But a beautiful ...

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Don'T Let Go

We miss
We're missing
so much of life
so many joys
nearly we hold it
but let it slip away
when the going gets too hard
Lovers, don't let go of that love

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