401. Live Free Or Die 8/1/2009
402. I Want To Sing You A Love Song 8/2/2009
403. Dying To Be Free 8/4/2009
404. The Mermaid Who Dreamed With Me 8/4/2009
405. I'Ll Confide 8/4/2009
406. Can'T Be A Doctor (Senyru) 8/4/2009
407. Obnoxious Spammers 8/4/2009
408. I Saw A Snake In The Grass 8/4/2009
409. Do Men Also Wish To Be Courted 8/6/2009
410. No Worries 8/7/2009
411. Shoot The Messenger (Senyru) 8/7/2009
412. The Little Ice Skater And Me 8/9/2009
413. It Takes Two To Make Love Grow 8/9/2009
414. Secret To Weight Loss Revealed 8/9/2009
415. The Errant Seagull 8/10/2009
416. Beneath These Weary Bones 8/11/2009
417. The Gull With No Beak 8/11/2009
418. You Know It's Not About The Poetry When 8/11/2009
419. Disarray 8/12/2009
420. Butterfly Wings 8/13/2009
421. Les Paul Is Dead 8/13/2009
422. The Sirens Sound, It's 5 Am 8/13/2009
423. Inspired By A Friend 8/14/2009
424. Only Care (Haiku) 8/16/2009
425. If Just One Haiku 8/17/2009
426. A Lost Moment 8/17/2009
427. Only Love 8/17/2009
428. Love Goes By Too Fast 8/18/2009
429. You'Re Not The Only One Feeling Sad Tonight 8/20/2009
430. Heart Of Black (Senyru) 8/20/2009
431. Be Bold To Dream (Senyru) 8/20/2009
432. Never Overlook An Apology (Senyru) 8/20/2009
433. When The Blessings Seem Few 8/21/2009
434. I'Ll Bear The Shame 8/24/2009
435. Kissed 8/24/2009
436. What Children Don'T Know (Senyru) 8/19/2009
437. It Was Just A Poem 8/19/2009
438. Little Butterfly (For Helen) 8/19/2009
439. Unidentified Sadness (Haiku) 8/20/2009
440. Another Sad Story...Another Broken Heart 8/20/2009

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Best Poem of JAMES T. ADAIR

A Beautiful Heart

Beautiful Girl
Beautiful Heart
The two don't always go together
Neither, necessarily apart

A beautiful girl
You might come across every day
and you might feel an attraction
We're wired that way

But in time you know
what others eventually learn
It's a beautiful heart
that's better to earn

Because beauty only goes so far
and is skin deep
But a beautiful heart
is forever to keep

And long after beauty has faded
she'll likely remain jaded
Vanity in its place remains
seeking approval and gains

But a beautiful ...

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Something Sincere

When romance becomes a game
it loses its honesty and it's attraction
yet I never felt anything more sincere
than your unspoken affection

My heart weeps when you're away
and smiles when you shine my way
one of these day's we'll share a day
for now, dream that love does find a way

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