441. Little Butterfly (For Helen) 8/19/2009
442. Unidentified Sadness (Haiku) 8/20/2009
443. Another Sad Story...Another Broken Heart 8/20/2009
444. You Tried! 8/24/2009
445. Wished That You Knew 8/25/2009
446. Your Letter Was A Gift To Me 8/26/2009
447. Stray Love Poem 8/26/2009
448. How Long 8/26/2009
449. The Massage You Kindly Offered 8/26/2009
450. A Lady She Is 8/26/2009
451. Bake At 375 8/26/2009
452. She Is So Young 8/26/2009
453. Cajun Trail Mix 8/26/2009
454. When The One We Love Does Not Feel Our Care 8/27/2009
455. The Girl On The Hill 8/29/2009
456. I Know A Girl 9/1/2009
457. The Invitation 9/3/2009
458. Enchanting Delight 9/8/2009
459. Where Does Love Go? 9/8/2009
460. A Kind Letter Made Me Cry 9/8/2009
461. Fall Is Here So Quickly 9/10/2009
462. When Two Good Hearts Touch (Senyru) 9/10/2009
463. Rainy Day Blessings (Senyru) 9/11/2009
464. Love (Tanka) 9/11/2009
465. Permanent Stain 9/12/2009
466. To My Unknown Readers 9/18/2009
467. Your Eyes Are Sad 9/23/2009
468. Love Is Blind 9/23/2009
469. Simple Guy 9/24/2009
470. My Caring Has Run Dry 9/24/2009
471. So Silently 9/24/2009
472. A Lover Knows Death Many Times Over 9/25/2009
473. I Want A Love That's Like A Faded Pair Of Jeans 9/25/2009
474. Your Smile 9/28/2009
475. Ydnas (Senyru) 9/29/2009
476. The Lily White Swan 9/30/2009
477. Part Chance / Part Destiny 10/1/2009
478. This Fall Day 10/1/2009
479. Suddenly I Was Reminded Of Friendship 10/1/2009
480. At The End Of The Rainbow 10/3/2009

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Best Poem of JAMES T. ADAIR

There Is Beauty In The Struggle

There is beauty in the struggle
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise
I didn't see it in myself
But I've seen it in other's eyes

People brave but good in heart
People who try and do their part
even when things are broken apart
They hope and pray for a another start

They deserve another chance
Unfair sometimes their circumstance
That leads to sadness, lonliness and humbled stance
But dream they do of true romance

There is beauty in the struggle
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise
I didn't see it in myself
But I've seen it in other's ...

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The Ball

He looks down at the ball on the tee
squares his shoulders toward the hole
some 400 yards away
shifts his weight to his right foot
as he moves the club back upon an invisible plane
a smooth coiling motion felt in his torso and shoulders and legs
at a moment in the back swing...in a mystical point of suspended time
before releasing the tension and swinging down at the ball
in an empty area of his heart that only she has touched

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