241. An Angel's Soul 5/27/2009
242. How Am I Going To Tell You 5/27/2009
243. I Can'T Seem To Forget You 5/28/2009
244. Swine Flu 5/28/2009
245. Destiny Unknown 5/30/2009
246. Teardrop 5/30/2009
247. Finding A Friend (Haiku) 5/30/2009
248. Wounds (Haiku) 5/31/2009
249. Push My Blues Away 5/31/2009
250. Impatient With My Impatiens 5/25/2009
251. Touched By Rory 6/2/2009
252. Someone Depends On You 6/2/2009
253. Don'T Look Back 6/2/2009
254. Virgin Lake 6/2/2009
255. Still 6/3/2009
256. Love And Faith 6/3/2009
257. Blue Birds And Angel Smiles (Song Lyrics) 6/3/2009
258. Something Needs To Change (Song Lyrics) 6/3/2009
259. Dare To Let Go 6/3/2009
260. Unrealistic Expectations And Phonies 6/4/2009
261. Looking Glass 6/4/2009
262. Nothing Softer Than You 6/4/2009
263. Take My Hand 6/4/2009
264. Yes You Heard Right, I Called Her 'Darling' 6/5/2009
265. Butterfly, You Fly So Softly 6/5/2009
266. She's Not Coming Back 6/5/2009
267. Actually, I Have A Daughter About Your Age 6/6/2009
268. Thank God For Kind Hearts 6/6/2009
269. Take Flight (Haiku) 6/6/2009
270. Caring's Soft Caress (Haiku) 6/6/2009
271. Open Window 6/6/2009
272. Maine Sunset 6/7/2009
273. Dare Shine (Haiku) 6/7/2009
274. Starlit Kisses (Haiku) 6/7/2009
275. Perfectly Hopeless 6/8/2009
276. The Risk 6/8/2009
277. In A World Far Away 6/9/2009
278. Sunrise At The Docks (Haiku) 6/10/2009
279. Then The Rain 6/10/2009
280. Undiscovered Element 6/10/2009

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Best Poem of JAMES T. ADAIR

A Beautiful Heart

Beautiful Girl
Beautiful Heart
The two don't always go together
Neither, necessarily apart

A beautiful girl
You might come across every day
and you might feel an attraction
We're wired that way

But in time you know
what others eventually learn
It's a beautiful heart
that's better to earn

Because beauty only goes so far
and is skin deep
But a beautiful heart
is forever to keep

And long after beauty has faded
she'll likely remain jaded
Vanity in its place remains
seeking approval and gains

But a beautiful ...

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This Silent Night

Madonna upon the tea rose painted plaster wall
you faithfully weathered and lived it all
you with your halo and glaze of shiny white
your bleached robes reflecting the flourescent light
Baby Jesus naked in your arms, your knowing gaze; just right
you've silently witnessed all the fights, but speak not a word
until I turn out the last light each night

Sillouetted against a circular screen of powdered blue

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