321. My Best 6/25/2009
322. Rainbow Morning Mist (Haiku) 6/25/2009
323. Kisses In The Dark 6/26/2009
324. Swallows (Haiku) 6/26/2009
325. A Friend Will Tell You 6/27/2009
326. Others Give Me Care 6/27/2009
327. Whatever Kindness I Send 6/27/2009
328. Afterglow 6/27/2009
329. Do You Think Of Me 6/27/2009
330. Fragile Things 6/27/2009
331. Weary Heart (Haiku) 6/17/2009
332. Spring Went By So Fast 6/17/2009
333. I Ran (Iranian Election Results) 6/17/2009
334. Somewhere Far Away 6/17/2009
335. Waited (Haiku) 6/17/2009
336. Care (Haiku) 6/18/2009
337. This Is How It Would End 6/28/2009
338. Michael Jackson - Rest! (A Poem) 6/29/2009
339. She Lends Her Heart To Me 6/30/2009
340. Only Then 7/1/2009
341. If Your Heart Should Break (Haiku) 7/1/2009
342. Madoff's Wife 7/1/2009
343. Before I Go 7/1/2009
344. Just A Ragdoll 7/2/2009
345. I'M Inspired By Every Kind Heart 7/3/2009
346. Once (Haiku) 7/3/2009
347. We Dream (Haiku) 7/3/2009
348. On The Face Of It (Haiku) 6/29/2009
349. I Wish I Had A Cold Heart 6/30/2009
350. Sweet Serenity (Haiku) 6/30/2009
351. He Died In His Sleep (Haiku) 7/4/2009
352. To Fly (Haiku) 7/4/2009
353. Hatred 7/5/2009
354. Paris (Tribute To Michael Jackson) 7/7/2009
355. Hopefully Given (Haiku) 7/7/2009
356. Trust You Must! 7/8/2009
357. To Make You Feel Loved 7/9/2009
358. Shared By Two (Haiku) 7/9/2009
359. To Serve (Haiku) 7/9/2009
360. Michael Died 7/10/2009

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Best Poem of JAMES T. ADAIR

A Beautiful Heart

Beautiful Girl
Beautiful Heart
The two don't always go together
Neither, necessarily apart

A beautiful girl
You might come across every day
and you might feel an attraction
We're wired that way

But in time you know
what others eventually learn
It's a beautiful heart
that's better to earn

Because beauty only goes so far
and is skin deep
But a beautiful heart
is forever to keep

And long after beauty has faded
she'll likely remain jaded
Vanity in its place remains
seeking approval and gains

But a beautiful ...

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The Ball

He looks down at the ball on the tee
squares his shoulders toward the hole
some 400 yards away
shifts his weight to his right foot
as he moves the club back upon an invisible plane
a smooth coiling motion felt in his torso and shoulders and legs
at a moment in the back swing...in a mystical point of suspended time
before releasing the tension and swinging down at the ball
in an empty area of his heart that only she has touched

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