James Urwin Biography

An uneducated fool...? ...I went to school until 16 years of age but was only there to 'sign in' not listen or learn.I hated school and never liked the ways i was taught or understood the basics due to my felt unjust ways of the British education system, and there badly staffed schools.
Poetry is new to me...writing is new to me.I may be a bad speller or my grammer may be all wrong? ...but...i dont care if my point is there in a poem i write.I love to write poetry, weather its good or not does not seem to matter to me as i enjoy it so much, but what a bonus and buzz it is if others find some enjoyment in reading them, or can relate to them :)
I would appreciate any constructive critisisum as i just dont know if others enjoy them as much as myself, please feel free to let me know your thoughts.

James Urwin Popular Poems
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