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James Wakelin Poems

1. Bad Trouble 4/15/2007
2. Song Of Happiness 4/15/2007
3. Sleepy Giants (Removed From Death) 6/4/2007
4. Love It Is A Small House 6/4/2007
5. The Light Of Grief 6/14/2007
6. Trees Love The Light 6/25/2007
7. Oh Help 7/20/2007
8. The Brazilian Beauty Has Alas Departed* For Good 1/13/2008
9. Wellwhat Do You Know 2/26/2008
10. The Lions Are Roaring 10/2/2008
11. When The Rain Falls The Wind Blows 10/5/2008
12. My Soul It Entwines The Page 10/21/2008
13. Too Tired To Speak 10/27/2008
14. Hello My Love 11/11/2008
15. Trying To Hide My Face 12/23/2008
16. Dogs Eat Bones 3/11/2009
17. What Time Is It Dear? 5/31/2009
18. Hello Justin 6/27/2009
19. The Doors They Shade The Light 7/28/2009
20. Why Am I Writing When Theres A Fly On The Wall? 10/1/2009
21. Wishing For You 10/28/2009
22. What A Degree Of Writing 11/1/2009
23. Hope Beyond The Sky 11/15/2009
24. I Have Found My Tribe 1/9/2010
25. Kings And Queens Dont Know My Name (Yet) 7/10/2007
26. The Message, Decreasing In Stature 7/11/2007
27. Hi There Classroom! 6/18/2015
28. Once Upon A Time 9/6/2016
29. Have A Heart! 9/6/2016
30. Childhood 1/14/2017
31. Dark 2/20/2007

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Best Poem of James Wakelin


Please silence for the spoken one speaks
but his language is common, overly used
To be left out in the dark
In the cold

Quick the quickened do not run
Silence speaks
to deaf ears that hear
And speak words too taught to

But speak and sound be quiet still
The dark will come the light may be
the dark the light. Heaven!
Do quiet look.

See See

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Bad Trouble

The trouble with bad is that bad is trouble
I trouble to say that the bad is trouble
Yet the bad and the trouble (like sadness and bubbles)
As often seen on T.V. these days
The breadth and the width at school these days
And often after school as well to tell you a truth
The tidal sea-sickness and elementory wrath
Is often mistaken for after school Maths and laughter
So take time seek paths not trodden because

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