James Waters

Biography of James Waters

James Waters poet

42 year old truck driver from New Braunfels Texas. Father of 5 children. Three boys two girls ranging from 20 to 4 years in age.

Hater of racism, political correctness and politicians.

James Waters's Works:

Two poems published with The poetry Society. One article published in Over The Road Magazine. One article published in The Herald Zietung newspaper. One poem read before the national assembly of the American legion.

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How Can You Hate Me

How can you hate me for the color of my skin?
Because I am short or tall or fat or thin
How can you hate me because of my race?
Do we not all have a human face?

How can you hate me because of the way that I speak?
Why do you call me names like dork or geek?
How can you hate me because I am not rich?
Because your father owns a corporation and mine digs a ditch?