Jamie Parker

Rookie (1994 / Gates Cottage)

Biography of Jamie Parker

Well, when I was young, I took a likeing to poetry.
And a few years after I had been at High Halden, my parents sent me to this school. Brambletye.
Then... one day, I heard my freind Magnus whispering about something, like this 'yeah... yeah that was funny! ... hm...POEMHUNTER' and that caught me!
So that night, I asked him about it.
And he told me, and helped me set up my own account!
Now I just blurgh up all the poems that come to me.
I once wrote a very good one in English!
And was going to put it on poemhunter, but I lost it!
And now I have a NEW freind over poemhunter!
So... If you read this... please send a message and tell me what you think!

Jamie Parker's Works:

One story but not been published!

PoemHunter.com Updates

My Dog Rover

My dog is called Rover
He likes to play
Every day!
He likes to walk
And rabbits he chases
He likes with the other dogs, to do lots of races!
He black and brown
With Amber eyes
He's stealthy... he'd make a good spy