Jan Owen

Biography of Jan Owen

Jan Owen was born in Adelaide in 1940. She received a BA from the University of Adelaide in 1963 and qualified as a librarian in 1969. She has three children and has worked as a librarian, teacher, editor and translator. In 2016 she was awarded the Philip Hodgins Memorial Medal and in 2017 received a Multicultural NSW prize for her translations of Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du Mal.

Jan Owen's Works:

Boy with a Telescope, Sydney, Angus & Robertson,1986

Fingerprints on Light, Sydney, Angus & Robertson,1990

Blackberry Season, Canberra, Molongolo Press,1993

Night Rainbows, Melbourne, Heinemann,1994

Timedancing, Wollongong, Five Islands Press,2002

Poems 1980 – 2008, Melbourne, John Leonard Press,2008

Take Five, Nottingham, Shoestring Press,2009

De Kus, [trans.by] M. Elzinga and J. Veenbaas, Maastricht, Azul Press,2010

Laughing in Greek (CD) , Sydney, River Road Press,2010

The Offhand Angel: London, Eyewear Publishing,2015

Charles Baudelaire: Selected poems from Les Fleurs du Mal, translated by Jan Owen, Todmorden, Arc Publications,2015

Wicked Flowers, Nottingham, Shoestring Press,2016

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Mirror Image

‘Twenty-nine years ago. And only yesterday, '
says Balázs, slapping at a fly.
We sit beside a bottle underneath his vines
and watch the football arc between our sons.

‘Check through the corner one, ' the sergeant says,
‘and make it short and sweet. Take a couple of men.'
(Seventeen-year-olds still nervous with a gun.)
It's an office block like most

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