Jane Brunton

Rookie (1942 / Kingston Ontario)

Biography of Jane Brunton

Many of my poems were inspired when I lived in Ecuador, South America for ten years (1990 to 2000.) I had never written poetry before but the sheer wonder and beauty of that country was a source of sensory stimulation compelling me to write.

After languishing in a government job for over 20 years I now free-lance for a local paper and have a monthly column on creativity.

Other interests include sculpting in clay, fibre art, tai chi, yoga and gardening.

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Out Of Alausi

Oh Mountain! You’ve a froth of cloud pinned to your voluminous green lap like a snow-white hanky pinned to a lady’s skirt

The mountains are rounded like a giants cast-off hats; here banded by straw huts; there adorned with cows.

Just out of Alausi, Indians in red ponchos are jammed into truck beds like strawberries in a crate. The lion-mountains are clothed in yellow velvet, panting in the drought.

The road is walled at places by dried mud cliffs.

Smoky Indians descend the bus at r

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