Jane Mayer

Biography of Jane Mayer

Jane Meredith Mayer (born 1955) is an American investigative journalist who has been a staff writer for The New Yorker since 1995. In recent years, she has written for that publication on Dick Cheney, the bin Laden family, Alaska governor Sarah Palin, the Koch family, the television series 24, and the US government's controversial policy of extraordinary rendition.

Mayer was born in New York City. Her mother, Meredith (née Nevins), was a painter, former president of the Manhattan Graphics Center, and a printer, and her father, William Mayer, was a composer. Her paternal great-great-grandfather was Emanuel Lehman, one of the founders of Lehman Brothers, and her maternal grandparents were historian Allan Nevins and Mary Fleming (Richardson). Allan Nevins, in several books about the Rockefeller family (including the authorized biography of John D. Rockefeller), held Rockefeller and similar figures up as heroes of American capitalism.

Mayer studied at Bedales School, at one time.

Mayer is a 1973 graduate of Fieldston and a 1977 graduate of Yale University, where she was a campus stringer for Time magazine. She continued her studies at Oxford University.

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