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(Recommendations below!) I'm sorry. I had to change my name. But I'm still the same person! And I'll change it back after a couple of things blow over. So sorry about any confusion!
*15 Minutes
I’m! Not! Go-ing! To! (Song)
If I Were to Tell Him, This is How I’d do it
My Life, or What’s Left of It
My Love (school assignment 8th)
The Only Thing My Mom Said That Went In (Quote)
*These Green Hills (school assignment 8th)
As Women
My Real Name’s as Good as a Pen Name
Our. First. Kiss. (Song)
And then anything on the last page. The best stuff is always on the last page.
I wouldn’t recommend the 7th seventh grade school assignments except for the two clerihews, “Fat Dog” and “Worm Trouble”. And I know if I’m telling you not to read them, why put them up? Well, I don’t know if I have any devoted readers, or if I do how devoted you are, but those poems are so anyone can see how far I’ve come. Most of my seventh grade poems suck and they’re the reason that I hated poetry, but I’ve changed and it’s there for anyone who wants to see it.
New Poems Worth Reading
*Eternal Peace
I have lots of other poems that I didn’t recommend, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth reading. The ones listed are just a few favorites and the ones with the * are my all-time favorite.

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<font color=darkviolet>Don’t mistake me for a brat,
For I’m certainly not that.
But I do like people to pay attention,
When I have something I’d like to mention.

I don’t mind when I have to shout,
At the ones that I don’t care about.
But when the people I love don’t listen,
It can cause a tear to glisten.