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121. *escape 10/28/2011
122. *if I Were To Tell Him, This Is How I’d Do It 6/15/2009
123. *i’m! Not! Go-Ing! To! (Song) 6/8/2009
124. *sylvan Symphony (School Assignment 9th) 3/19/2010
125. *i Am An Artist (School Assignment 9th) 6/10/2010
126. * 11/25/2011
127. *weekend 10/28/2011
128. *argument 11/25/2011
129. *ignored 6/6/2009
130. *as Women 6/27/2009
131. *15 Minutes 6/9/2009

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*15 Minutes

<font color=darkviolet>Another one for Cassandra.

15 minutes
spent playing the guitar,
reading a book,
watching TV,
talking on the phone,
surfing the web,
swimming in a pool,
laughing with friends,
eating dinner,
taking a shower,
planting a tree,
working my hardest,
performing for an audience,
thinking about life,
writing my thoughts.

My life has had a great many “15 minutes, ”
yet I can still pick out the worst.

15 minutes
spent listening to your rasping breaths,
feeling your heartbeat weaken, ...

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*eternal Peace

<font color=darkviolet>You and me
were meant to be
in this love forever
never thinking it would ever stop

But then you turned your back
and you left me

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