Janelle Morehart

Biography of Janelle Morehart

I'm shy, quiet, somewhat smart and forever helpful I guess. Sometime's I get angry but only at home. I never lose my temper in public. I never try to hurt anyone and if I do you can bet I'll be the first to apologise. I cherish all of my friends and will always do my best to help them out. To protect them. To make them smile when their world turns to a storm. I will always be there for them. I don't expect them to do the same though. But, still I will be there. I'll be the one that had always cared. I suppose that sounds arrogant of me, doesn't it? Well, to me it is merely what I believe. But none of that matters here, I simply love to read and to write! So I hope you enjoy what I write. As I enjoy what I read on here.

Janelle Morehart's Works:

None. But maybe sometime in the future!

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Crimson Blood

Crimson Blood

It flows so freely, gushes out in a raging river
So red but darker, dark like Crimson
Oceans and seas of it
All across the floor
Heart beat slows soon it will stop
Eyes will soon close with a peacful bliss
All pain no pain too much so little