Janice M Pickett

Rookie (Middlesex England)

Janice M Pickett Poems

41. My Philosophy 3/24/2009
42. Just One Moment In Time 3/24/2009
43. The Light The Truth The Way 3/24/2009
44. An Angel In My Heart 3/24/2009
45. There Is Only One Truth 3/24/2009
46. Cry Freedom 3/24/2009
47. Alter Ego 3/24/2009
48. Gratitude And Love For The World 3/24/2009
49. Flutter Little One 3/24/2009
50. Knowing You 3/27/2009
51. Peace Comes From Within. Do Not Seek It Without. * Buddha 3/27/2009
52. From Spirit To Spirit 3/27/2009
53. Within 3/27/2009
54. Once Upon A Time 3/27/2009
55. Orb 3/27/2009
56. Come Learn About The Law Of Attraction 3/27/2009
57. Changing How They Think 3/27/2009
58. My Brother And The Turkey 3/27/2009
59. No Regrets 3/27/2009
60. Where My Heart Is 3/27/2009
61. So Much To Say 3/27/2009
62. For This I Am Truly Grateful 3/27/2009
63. Balance Your Life 3/27/2009
64. Acceptance 3/27/2009
65. An Angels Wish 3/28/2009
66. Think It As You Want It 3/28/2009
67. She Stays For Just A Moment 3/28/2009
68. Why Are You Depressed? 3/28/2009
69. Confusion 3/27/2009
70. Tribute To Allen 3/27/2009
71. All Things 3/27/2009
72. Beyond The Mountain 3/27/2009
73. Blessed Is He 3/27/2009
74. Under Sweltering Hot Skies 3/27/2009
75. Turning It Around 3/27/2009
76. The Greatest Love Of All 3/27/2009
77. Through The Depth Of Understanding 3/27/2009
78. Your Path (Zen) 3/27/2009
79. Spirit Man 3/27/2009
80. A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock 'N' Roll 3/27/2009

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I Am Woman

Tracing all those tears that have flowed
has taken years of searching and mind analysis
The times my father hit my mother
The times Mum just didn’t come home
for fear of another attack
The times I fell and grazed my knee
Tracing all those moments of fear in my life
has taken me back to memories
of darker places
To the darkness that brought with it
the boogie man
The fast rides in the car
that caused us to cling on tightly
ending up with white knuckles
and pins and needles in our hands
The terror of the teenage years
with all the ...

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A Lovers Tale

If I lived in Australia and he in Singapore
We'd see each other once a year
hardly ever more

We'd own a ranch in Mexico
and a yacht in Waikiki
We'd use it on alternate trips
when we felt like living free

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